Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bring me back something French!

That's right, Granny and Grampy G have decided on their family vacation for August!

Due to a work trip, we can finally afford to hit up France.  My company is sending me to Lyon for 4-5 days, so we are tacking on 5 days in Paris (please pronounce it Pair-EE) and 5 days in Nice (sound it out, readers: niece) to round out our own personal Tour de France.  And because of said work trip, this 15 day European adventure will cost us the same as it would for us to go on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean.  

Double score.

Or as the French say:
Ooh la la!

We are beyond thrilled to walk the streets of Paris (in the sweltering August heat...) and eat and drink our way through cafes and charcuteries.  We have already decided that we will do nothing but eat cured meats, cheeses, breads and wines, maybe some escargot.  We will go to museums (before you hackle me, French experts, I know that a lot of museums will be closed in Paris in August.  I am no fool.) and to wine tastings and I will swallow my fear of heights and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Then we will take the high speed rail to Lyon, where I will work and Mr. G will bebop around the old, romantic streets.

If anyone has suggestions of what my main man can don while I work in Lyon, please let us know.  

Thank you.

After exploring Lyon, we will again hop on the super fast bullet train to the South of France with the masses of the rest of the French, and we will a few days enjoying the beach and coastal European life.

Bliss, no?

From there we might scurry on up to Provence if Mr. G get's bored of the filthy rich Europeans on vacation.  We have always wanted to relax in fields of lavender.

From there we will be tired and exhausted, but it will be our wedding anniversary.  So we will head back up to ole' Paree to celebrate in the most romantic city in the world.

And then we will come back to the states and do nothing but dream about France and figure out ways we can move there.

Already packing my suitcase,

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