Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 day weekends

I just have two things to tell you today.

1) If I were president, everyone would always have three day weekends.

(This is where a good blogger would post a million pictures of all the running, hiking, kayaking, sleeping, eating, sun bathing, grilling, cocktailing and movie-going she did.  I am not that blogger.)

2) You're welcome in advance.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Long Weekend

Happy Friday!

I felt like I should share an embarrassing story with y'all today.

A couple of weeks ago I got a text from my boss.  He wrote "I am working from home this morning, will be in a few hours later than normal."  I didn't respond.

About 20 minutes later I got a text from my girl Kali.  I had not spoken to Kali for way too long, so I sent her back a text saying "I miss you and cannot wait to see you again!  XO!"

Except I didn't.

My boss walked in a few hours later all red and awks.

"Did you mean to send this text to me saying you missed me?"

And then I crawled under my desk and died a little.


On a complete other note, I found this great little gem:

Ryan Gosling (my number one crush tied with Paul Newman and Mr. G), speaking directly to me about running?  One week before my big race?

Happy Friday indeed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Granny Status

My life is so boring as of late.  I work, sleep, run, eat.  I maybe bring some rum to the movies every now and then and enjoy a movie and a cocktail with my husband.  But that is it really.

Oh, and we are busy planning our move into our new house in a few weeks!

Just a little information bomb there.  More details to come.

Until then, working, sleeping (not enough), running, and eating.  And maybe some rum at the movies.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

What day is it?

I cannot believe that it is only Thursday morning.  That there is still another day to wake up early and come to work.

How is that even possible?

This week I have so far

-Gotten hives twice
-Ran only 5 miles
-Gotten a stress headache that lasted 5 insufferable hours
-Skipped my speed work out due to said headache and instead took a bath and had a beer--it helped
-Made paninis which got destroyed which resulted in a nervous breakdown and having broccoli and half a bottle of pinot for dinner

That is about it.  Try to act like you're not impressed.

Happy almost-but-not-quite Friday.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you're not pissed, you're not paying attention

There has been a lot of talk in the news and around the water cooler the last few days about gay marriage.

So if you are sick of it, today's blog post is not for you.

And also if you are sick of it, fuck you.

Like many others I was so ashamed that North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage.

Then a mere 18 hours later I was pretty proud that our president took a stand in support of gay marriage.

But mostly, mostly I was just pissed the fuck off.

How, in 2012, do corrupt corporations have more rights than some of my friends?  Why are we even debating this?  And most importantly, what gives me, or you, or all of us the right to VOTE ON SOMETHING THAT HURTS SOMEONE ELSE?

You cannot vote if I, as a Jew, have the right to marry my husband, a Christian.  Why should I have the right to vote if you, as a man, have the right to marry your partner, another man?  We should not be able to vote on civil liberties.  If I get them, we all get them.  Fair and fucking square.

Who does gay marriage hurt?  Until I get an answer to that question, and I do not think there is an answer, then I will forever be pissed that gay marriage is not legal.

I hate hearing the religious right talk about God and the bible.
Not everyone believes in God (gasp, I know).  That is great if you do.  And if you believe that being gay is a sin (again, fuck you).  But then don't you go out and have yourself a gay marriage.  For those that don't follow your so-called good book, let them be.  The Bible and Christianity are not the reason we have laws in this nation.  They are not the say all end all. The bible does not govern us as a nation.

If we are talking about "protecting traditional marriage" (protecting it from what?!  Is gay marriage the new space invaders?) then let's get real and focus on domestic abuse and divorce, etc.  If gay's can't marry because they will hurt traditional marriage, then anyone who has ever been divorced, cheated, or abusive should never be able to get married again.

The point is, I do not believe that we should even be discussing this right now.  Of course our president should be supporting gay marriage.  It should be a non-issue.  Love is love.  Carry on.  And now let's focus on bigger things, that are real issues, like, I don't know, the economy, unemployment, immigration, wall street, the conflicts in the middle east.  Not on basic civil liberties that we all should have.

So in the end, I am over bigoted assholes who are attempting to hide their ignorance and intolerance and hate in their religion.  I am sick of voting on other people's civil rights.  I am disenchanted and defeated.  

Still pissed,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lucky in Kentucky

I just returned from a long weekend at the Kentucky Derby.

I got in at noon.  I slept on the couch until 3:30.  Did a few errands, washed some laundry, and made dinner.  By 9 I was legit passing out on the couch and needed Mr. G's assistance to get to bed I was so exhausted.

But let's start at the beginning...

Every preconceived notion you have of the derby, get rid of it.

Or at least, get rid of dreaming you will ever be able to afford it.

Yes, there are grand stands and box seats and celebrities and jewels.

But we could barely see them through the naked mud wrestling, the red necks, the costumes, and the frat house style shenanigans that go on where the mere commoners go to watch the derby.

That's right, the infield.

Of the nearly 140,000 people that come to the Derby, my guess is 120,000 cram into the infield.  It is set up similar to a tail gaiting event.  Tents and lawn chairs everywhere.  Booths galore selling juleps and cocktails and beer and food.  Some people like our fine selves dress up derby style.  Others wear costumes.  Others wear their undies.  Others wear jorts and not much else.   It is the second largest party in the US, beat only by Mardi Gras (barely).  Someone was murdered.  By the end of our 3 days, we were exhausted, had no voices, were covered in dirt and sweat, and our room looked like "The Hangover."  Except replace Caesar's Palace with Nasty Roach Motel.

Because this was not just the derby, but my dear friend Mary's bachelorette party, what happens at the Derby stays at the Derby.

So I will sum up in suitable-for-work images.

Warning: yes, we were the hottest bitches in the bluegrass state.

No, we didn't win any money.  No, we hardly slept.  No, we did not consume anything healthy.  No, we did not pay for a single drink for 2 days.  No, we did not make our parents proud.

Yes, we had the most epic weekend you could have ever imagined.

Still recovering,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Place yer bets here

I have been a bit busy lately, what with traveling, weddings, work, side projects, half training, life in general.

And I am tired.

Ready for a weekend of rest.

But that is not going to be this weekend.

Because today I am off

I will wear my hat with style and grace, place a few bets, and enjoy a mint julep or seven.

Try not to be jealous of this Granny's life.

Photos to come once I thoroughly recover.

Peace out, cub scouts.