Friday, June 28, 2013


I know this is old news now, and people have moved on from the political excitement at the start of the week (filibusters! Wendy! DOMA! Prop 8!) to celebrity stories (Paula said wha??  Hernandez who?) but I am still all worked up about Wendy Davis.  

And being as this has been one of the most hectic weeks from hell and I feel like my brain is still on Monday, I have an excuse as to why I just now got around to gathering a collection of my favorite Wendy Davis images.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


You may have noticed that my blog posts have been few and far between.  (No?  You don't track my blog posts religiously, waiting on baited breath until I post again?)  I really have no great excuse for this, life has just been busy and bland lately, a combination that is nearly lethal for bloggers.

I wake up and leave the house by 6 am lately.  Don't get home until about 6 pm.  Work is busy.  Exercise is being squeezed in.
Party planning committees have been joined.
Friends and family have been visiting.
Weekend plans are far out numbering relaxing weekends alone at home.
Wedding season is upon us.
House hunting is as stressful as ever.
Weather has been miserable.
Pools need to be cleaned.
Bug infestations are taking over my life.
Diets have been successful.
Stress levels have been high.

 Hopefully I will have a weekend 1) that I take photographic evidence of and 2) that is worth recapping next week.  It will involve family, friends, a 10 year reunion, a parade float, mimosas, wedding showers, sangria, and the Doobie Brothers.  Should be blog worthy, I do believe.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


You have to be living in a cave right now to not notice the influx of selfies all over the internets.  They are blowing up my instagram and my facebook (and I reckon that if I had a twitter account they would be showing all up over there as well).

And I have to tell you, selfies are tough to get right.  98% of the time that I see them (even from the ladies I love) I hate them.  

Here are some tips to stop pissing me (and I think the rest of the world?) off:

-no duck faces
-no kissy faces
-stop trying to be creative with your shit; no weird/upside down angles
-stop taking pictures in the mirror
-stop taking pictures in the car
-stop emphasizing your tits
-stop trying to look so smart or like you are concentrating
-and for the rare teenage boy that I see selfies for, stop lifting your shirt and showing off your stomach

Look, if you post more than one selfie a week then you are likely going to have one less friend of follower.  Just calm your tits.  Nobody likes looking at you that much.  Stop loving on yourself.  Do you think you are going to be the next kid on instagram who takes pictures of themselves and somehow (how!??!?!) gets 1300 followers?  Do you even want 1300 followers on your instagram?  keep that shit private.

But even with all that said, I do have a few friends who are pulling off miracles  by taking the worlds greatest selfies.

Swoon.  And yes, ladies, she makes her own earrings!  Follow her on instagram to see her newest pieces!

How am I so lucky to know this goddess?!


My friends are supermodels, and have all mastered the craft of selfies. (And none of them overwhelm my social media accounts with pictures of them.  Praise Jesus.)

I am not sure how they have perfected this sorcery, because when I try to take a selfie it is just really embarrassing.

Let me show you.

Moral of the story:
1) stop taking selfies, you likely look really foolish/skanky/dumb
2) my friends are perfect
3) I am the most awkward human being on the planet

Peace out cub scouts.