Thursday, January 31, 2013

Resolutions Revisited

Hard to believe January is about over.

February is tomorrow.  Yeesh.

I posted a vague post  about my resolutions earlier this month, when the year ahead was filled with wonder and excitement and hope.  I still feel like 2013 will be a great and exciting year full of big and positive changes but I have decided to tweak and share my resolutions a bit now.

My first resolution was to lose weight (womp womp.  Really exciting) and be healthier.  Part of that resolution was to cut out booze for the month of January.  For the most part, I did that.  I went out once (once!!) in Texas and had a couple of cocktails, but other than that it was H20 for me.

And you know what? 

It felt pretty good.  It was hard at first to be surrounded by friends, colleagues, people in general sipping cocktails and beers and wine while I had plain old water.  But now I have decided to carry this "no drinking" thing into February, with a minor change--I will have a drink here or there, but not just because it is a Friday night or because I had a long day or because we are out to dinner.  I will have a drink if it is well deserved, if we are going on a pub tour, if we are celebrating something.  Furthermore, since I feel so clean and clear without having any booze this month, I thought I would cut out processed dairy, like crap yogurt and cheese.  *This I GUARANTEE you will only last a month, but I am excited to try it.  I really want to jump start some healthy changes (and see the number on the scale drop) and I think eating more "whole" foods and eating cleaner will help.

Another resolution I had was to make 2013 the year I ran a marathon.

I was too scared to say it to too many people.  "What if I tried and failed?"  "What if I told a million people and then backed down?"  "What if I ran it and it took me 6 hours?!"

After a lot of back and forth, I decided not to run a marathon this year, and I finally feel like a strong and competent woman.  I wanted to run the marathon to prove to myself and to others that I could do this.  

Turns out, maybe that is not such a good reason (for me) to run a marathon.

Every half I run I tell myself I am never doing this again.  Running does not come naturally.  It is hard. It is often a struggle.  I am not athletic.

I need to remember that just two years ago I could not run 1 mile without stopping.  Two years ago the thought of running more than a 5K was crazy.  

I can now run.  I am a runner.  I signed up for a half marathon on a whim (eek) and have 6 weeks to get ready.  I am confident in my running now.  I will never be fast or athletic or a marathoner most likely, but I am a half marathoner, and I am proud of that accomplishment.

And right now that is good enough for me.

As for my other two resolutions, those remain personal for now.  But I am sure as we get more comfortable with the idea of them I will begin sharing more.

Happy almost-February :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last thoughts before I head out

And boy are they deep thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of your work week.  Stay warm.  Live long and prosper.

I'm out like the one strapped overall.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

Boy am I glad to be heading to warm and sunny Texas for the remainder of the week!

My body is craving vitamin D and tex mex.

Peace out cub scouts.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Husband is Famous

Want his autograph?


Shameless plug for Mountain Man's Ski area.  But it really is a great little mountain, and if you ever want a cheap ticket for a few hours of riding, visit us at Six and you can ski on the cheap:

Mondays are $7.50
Tuesdays are twofers (two for one)
Fridays are $20 until 1 pm

Love you, Mountain Man, and love you, Suicide Six ;)

You know your a loser when...

You and your husband rush your waiter to get your check so you can get home to bed at a reasonable hour...

And while on the way home you call your friend who lives in Florida...

Who tells you he is just showering to get ready to go out for the night.

We love sleep.  #Sorryimnotsorry.

Over and out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't get why people get their panties in such a fucking wad about guns.  "It's our right!  How dare you take that right away!"  And yet, the rights to marry who we want are taken away?  Your right to own a gun because someone said you could have one is more important than other rights that we as American's have lost?  Your right to own a gun just because you are scared of something horrible happening in the future is more important than our current safety?  You are scared something bad is going to happen in the future so you need a gun, but what about the bad shit that is happening NOW, in the PRESENT, in part because of guns?

And speaking of that, I still don't get why anyone is opposed to gay marriage.  Especially Newt.  If you have a divorce or support your friends or family members getting a divorce, then I never ever ever want to hear you say you don't support gay marriage because it is damaging to the institution of marriage.  Go fuck yourself.

I don't get who actually eats Red Delicious Apples. 

I don't get why people don't go the speed limit.  Fucking drive the speed limit mother fucker.  I hate you.

I don't get why everyone is freaked out about our "taxes going up."  NEWSFLASH, they aren't "going up," they are going back to what they should have been for the last few years, but we were in a "tax holiday."  Yeah, the government sucks and all that, yadda yadda, but we as a nation are in a debt for reasons like the war, social programs, etc.  If you supported the war or support social programs then do your part as a good American and stop bitching.  Pay your fucking taxes that go to things that you both do and don't support and be aware that your taxes did not increase, your tax holiday just ended.  Suck it up butter cup.

I don't get why people smoke cigarettes.  Just gross.

I don't get why pot can't be legal.  And no, I don't toke the reefer, but I still support full legalization of the Mary Ju Wanna.  Whose it gonna hurt?  Don't you see how it can stimulate our failing economy?  (Taxation, jobs, decreased jail sentences.)

I don't get why it is so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it.  I have been back to double dub for a week now, and I have not had a crumb more than my daily points allow me.  Been working out.  And my pants still feel mighty tight.  What the mother fuck.

I don't get why people love reality TV so much.  How many versions of "Real Housewives" are there? Why?  I don't get it??

I don't get why after two years, running is still so friggin hard.

I don't get why everyone cares that T. Swift broke up with some guy from a band that I still don't know.  Give the girl a break.  Plus, she is boring.  

I don't get why the work week is so long and weekends are so short.  #grannyforpres2016.

I don't get why people post on facebook that we should keep our political/debatable thoughts and opinions to our selves and not post them.  It's ok for you to post about who you are trying to sleep with, your gym routine, your ride into the city on the T this morning or your baby taking a shit, but when I post my opinions about gun control on Fb that is not cool?

That's all I can think of right now.  Sorry no pictures.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday should be renamed Worstday

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Wednesday, which is bad enough.  Wednesday is not really an exciting day to wake up to.  At any rate, today is not even Wednesday, it is the dreaded Tuesday, and I still have 4 days left of work until the weekend.

Aw, hells no.

Not only did I have the last two weeks off for staycation, but three weeks ago (the last time I was in the office) I was sick, so I only had a 3 day work week.  So this whole "normal, five day" work week shit is hard for me to adjust to again.

Which is why I think we should cancel Tuesday so we can all just sleep in and relax and do nothing instead.

Sound as good to everyone else as it does to me?


Thursday, January 3, 2013


(Apologies for my self-motivating, vague, pretty lame post about resolutions.  Back to normal soon, I promise.)

I have had "New Years Resolutions" on my mind for quite a few weeks.

As usual I will resolve to make 2013 my bitch when it comes to working out and eating healthier.  But I always say that, and I always try my hardest, and still nothing.  I re-joined double dub two weeks ago and I start training for my next half in a couple of weeks so hopefully both will serve as my motivation to keep my shit together and lose the 30 annoying lbs I have been working on losing since mid 2010.

Other than that shallow and boring resolution I do have four other goals.  

But I am scared.

I am scared to commit. 

I am scared to even write them down.

If I fail I will be disappointed.  Disappointed in myself for letting my fears and excuses take over my dreams.

Some of my goals are very personal, two of them are overwhelmingly scary, one is just purely willpower.  These are not only goals for 2013, but lifetime dreams and bucket list items.  To put it bluntly, to me, they are a big fucking deal.

If I accomplish any one of them I will be proud.  If I accomplish half I will be ecstatic.  If I accomplish all four I will feel like I can take on the world.

But first I need to get the strength and courage to overcome my fears.  All of my goals will involve some degree of pain, and lots of sacrifice.  Am I ready to face that?  Can I conquer the hurdles that are in front of me to reach these goals and accomplish my dreams?  

I hope so.

Happy 2013, friends.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Summary of my 11 days off over the holidays

I took 11 glorious days off for the holidays and boy is it going to be rough heading back into the office Wednesday morning at 7 am.  I got very comfortable with the lifestyle of "stay at home" anything.

So what did I do to take advantage of my holiday break?  I had fantasies of sleeping in late, running everyday and relaxing.  I did do well with the relaxing for the most part.  Everything else I failed at (mainly the running).

So to sum up my wintery staycation I will just photo bomb you for now, starting with a few Christmas Pictures. (Despite the fact that I have no images of us with our families, we did in fact have a great time spending Christmas with both the PBs and the Goodwins.)

 (I love holiday cards)

(and cookies apparently)

We had a great time getting to see old friends

And we finally got some much needed snow, which made all of us happy campers.

I also I divulged quite frequently in my new favorite afternoon snack of roasted curried cauliflower.*  And I generally paired it with a dirty snowman* or two (since I was on vacation I could justify day drinking).

And I rang in the New Year with old friends and new.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!  I will be back shortly with thoughts on the New Year.


*Roasted Cauliflower Recipe
half head of cauliflower, cleaned and cut into bite size pieces
curry powder
salt and pepper
garlic powder
olive oil

Sprinkle cauliflower with olive oil and all spices.  Toss and coat the cauliflower.  Spread on a greased sheet pan and roast at 400 for 15 minutes.

*Dirty Snowman Recipe
Hot cocoa (I like to use half water and half milk or even half and half--it was vacation after all)

Mix all together to your liking.  Enjoy.