Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't get why people get their panties in such a fucking wad about guns.  "It's our right!  How dare you take that right away!"  And yet, the rights to marry who we want are taken away?  Your right to own a gun because someone said you could have one is more important than other rights that we as American's have lost?  Your right to own a gun just because you are scared of something horrible happening in the future is more important than our current safety?  You are scared something bad is going to happen in the future so you need a gun, but what about the bad shit that is happening NOW, in the PRESENT, in part because of guns?

And speaking of that, I still don't get why anyone is opposed to gay marriage.  Especially Newt.  If you have a divorce or support your friends or family members getting a divorce, then I never ever ever want to hear you say you don't support gay marriage because it is damaging to the institution of marriage.  Go fuck yourself.

I don't get who actually eats Red Delicious Apples. 

I don't get why people don't go the speed limit.  Fucking drive the speed limit mother fucker.  I hate you.

I don't get why everyone is freaked out about our "taxes going up."  NEWSFLASH, they aren't "going up," they are going back to what they should have been for the last few years, but we were in a "tax holiday."  Yeah, the government sucks and all that, yadda yadda, but we as a nation are in a debt for reasons like the war, social programs, etc.  If you supported the war or support social programs then do your part as a good American and stop bitching.  Pay your fucking taxes that go to things that you both do and don't support and be aware that your taxes did not increase, your tax holiday just ended.  Suck it up butter cup.

I don't get why people smoke cigarettes.  Just gross.

I don't get why pot can't be legal.  And no, I don't toke the reefer, but I still support full legalization of the Mary Ju Wanna.  Whose it gonna hurt?  Don't you see how it can stimulate our failing economy?  (Taxation, jobs, decreased jail sentences.)

I don't get why it is so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it.  I have been back to double dub for a week now, and I have not had a crumb more than my daily points allow me.  Been working out.  And my pants still feel mighty tight.  What the mother fuck.

I don't get why people love reality TV so much.  How many versions of "Real Housewives" are there? Why?  I don't get it??

I don't get why after two years, running is still so friggin hard.

I don't get why everyone cares that T. Swift broke up with some guy from a band that I still don't know.  Give the girl a break.  Plus, she is boring.  

I don't get why the work week is so long and weekends are so short.  #grannyforpres2016.

I don't get why people post on facebook that we should keep our political/debatable thoughts and opinions to our selves and not post them.  It's ok for you to post about who you are trying to sleep with, your gym routine, your ride into the city on the T this morning or your baby taking a shit, but when I post my opinions about gun control on Fb that is not cool?

That's all I can think of right now.  Sorry no pictures.


  1. 1. If people want guns, they should not care if people want to marry someone of the same sex. Freedom is freedom - not just for you gun toters.

    2. Red delicious apples are fucking gross.

    3. Why don't people understand that they got a reprieve from the payroll tax for years and now it's time to reinstate it? Get your head out of your ass, everyone. Wake the F up.


    5. I don't give a fuck what people post on FB, since it's theirs, but I will make fun of them if it's pathetic/martyrish/attention whoring.

  2. I don't get why people bitch about life but do nothing to change it.

  3. I don't how much this helps... but the hard to lose/easy to gain thing is evolutionary, or rather from a lack of evolution. While our first-world societies have shifted into ones of excess in a relatively short amount of time geologically-speaking, our bodies have not and are completely unaware of the change in lifestyle (they're pretty dumb). They're still scared shitless that the next cold spell could mean a reduction in successful mammoth hunts and the end of our 8-person nomadic tribes, so when they get a bit of fat, they cling to it for dear life and get upset and confused when you purposely try to burn that fat away for reasons other than pure survival.
    Again, not much practical help, but maybe it's nice to know that any progress you do make is actually quite meaningful and something to be proud of (assuming it's what you want, of course), because you are in fact fighting an uphill battle against nature.

    Anyway, great blog entry. Reading people's complaints usually isn't fun, but you can whine any day on my dime, Shauni.