Tuesday, July 31, 2012


These were the results of me asking Mr G to help me and put away the bag of groceries I just picked up full of weekend essentials (while I quickly watered the plants, balanced the pool, and did a load of laundry):

Spread nicely all over the counter.

Thanks, doll.

(Don't judge my grocery bag contents.  It was the weekend.)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you're gonna drop a shoe, make it a Louboutin

Mr. G and I often feel overwhelmed by what is going on in our lives.  We don't have enough money, we hate where we live, we don't know what we are doing, where we want to be and everything is chaotic and yet still boring.

Until recently.

Now it seems like life is going our way.  And we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Two weeks ago, Mr. G got a great promotion.  His new title is impressive, as is his new paycheck.  And things are looking up for me at work as well.  We aren't rich, as we remind ourselves when we compare our household income to being equal to that of some of our single friends, but we are better off than we were just two weeks ago.  We probably still cannot take 2 or 3 vacations a year or buy designer anything, but I think we can pay our bills without stressing each month. 

We moved into a new house.  No, we are not buying because I still have a hard time seeing my self settle down for the long term here (that's another long, exciting, nail-biting blog coming your way in the near future) but the rent is fantastic, the house is charming, and we have water-front property, hardwood floors, an in-ground pool, and 3 bedrooms.  We even have flower gardens and a 2 car garage.  It is a huge improvement from the shitty ass condos we have always lived in.

We leave for France in one month.  That's right, the Goodwins are hitting up Paris.  Neither of us have been to Europe and we are thrilled for this opportunity.  I cannot wait to eat, drink, relax and explore.  
(But mostly eat and drink??)

We have both been in some sort of training mode for different events over the summer.  Mr. G did his first 50 mile bike event last weekend, and in three more weeks he is doing another.  I did a half in June, a 15K last weekend, and signed up yesterday for another half in less than 3 months.  We are also looking into the warrior dash in September.  

We are busy.  There are longer commutes, more hours at the office, longer runs after work, and yard work.  We still do not have any close friends in the area, but we have learned to have fun on our own, independently.  We have embraced quiet nights at home.  It can be a little daunting at times, but at the end of the day, we sit down together, in our lovely sun-ladden living room, and relax, lean in to each other, and appreciate all that we have right now.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Prick

Raise your hand if your back looked like this yesterday.

Disclaimer: not my back, not my photo
Yesterday I foolishly subjected myself to go see an allergist.

I knew I was allergic to dogs, cats, horses, dander, mites, grass, pollen, trees, everything under the sun, but I was hoping that by seeing an allergist I would be provided some relief for said allergies.  I already know I get hives and breakout into crazy rashes when I am around dogs, cats, horses, dander, mites, grass, pollen, trees, everything under the sun.

I go to the appointment, subject myself to getting 30+ pricks/scratches on my back.  Totally enjoyable.


and then I am told to wait 15 minutes to see if they swell up and turn to hives.

And not to scratch them.
It was hella fun.


Turns out, SHOCKER, that I am allergic to, drumroll please, everything under the sun.

But instead of providing me with a solution to this problem that I was already quite aware of, I was told to avoid contact with the list of items I am allergic to.

Thanks for that.  Sweet life.

Happy humpday,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mr. G's Natural State

This weekend we had the good fortune of participating in my dear friend's beautiful, elegant, perfect wedding.

Perfect for everyone but Mr. G that is.

This was a very formal wedding, and as I was the maid (matron?!) of honor, Gerren also had to look sharper than his carhart pants, buttweiser cut-off tshirt and sandals regular attire.

He was not thrilled about it, but we rented him a tux, got him a haircut, and off we went to the wedding.

I was in the limo on my way to the ceremony when I got a call from Mr. G saying he had forgotten his tie.  Panic ensued.  On top of that, he forgot dress socks, and his shoes were a full 2 inches too big.  He also got lost.  So by the time he made it to the wedding, he was a hot sweaty mess without a tie and his feet were BLEEDING from running around in dress shoes without socks trying to find the church.

Being the great wife that I am, I did finagle a black tie from my LIMO DRIVER for Mr. G to wear for the night.  But even with the tie, Mr. G looked a bit disheveled, miserable, and uncomfortable.

Cut to 3 hours later at the 5 course reception.  I walked in, gave my speech, and sat next to my man.  He had already lost the tie and the shoes.  He already seemed happier.

By 11 Mr. G was back in his natural state, with a comedic tshirt, neon accessories, and a smile on his face.

My man may not do formal wear well, but lord can he rock the shit out of a tuxedo tee.

Hope you all had a nice weekend,


Monday, July 2, 2012


This weekend we moved in to the new house.

No sleeping in, no rest for the weary. 

Just packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, laundry, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, unpacking, laundry...

We still have a lot of work to do before it is photo worthy, but here is a quick shot of our huge, lovely, sunny, did I mention HUGE?, kitchen:

Also, can I lament for a moment about how it is already July??  That means our weekends are booked solid for five weeks in a row.  It means Allison comes home.  It means I can relax by my new pool.  It means my next round of half training starts, a 10K in 2 weeks, farmers markets are in full swing, wedding season is over after this week for the Goodwins, and our house needs to be in tip-top shape for our party in 3 weeks.

Saying I am slightly overwhelmed is an understatement; it is not yet 9 am and I have heartburn.

Thank you, Mr. G for parking in a way that trapped me between
Sam the Silvarado and this bug filled bush.

Love, peace, and Happy (almost) 4th,