Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Prick

Raise your hand if your back looked like this yesterday.

Disclaimer: not my back, not my photo
Yesterday I foolishly subjected myself to go see an allergist.

I knew I was allergic to dogs, cats, horses, dander, mites, grass, pollen, trees, everything under the sun, but I was hoping that by seeing an allergist I would be provided some relief for said allergies.  I already know I get hives and breakout into crazy rashes when I am around dogs, cats, horses, dander, mites, grass, pollen, trees, everything under the sun.

I go to the appointment, subject myself to getting 30+ pricks/scratches on my back.  Totally enjoyable.


and then I am told to wait 15 minutes to see if they swell up and turn to hives.

And not to scratch them.
It was hella fun.


Turns out, SHOCKER, that I am allergic to, drumroll please, everything under the sun.

But instead of providing me with a solution to this problem that I was already quite aware of, I was told to avoid contact with the list of items I am allergic to.

Thanks for that.  Sweet life.

Happy humpday,


  1. Ahh on your back? They did it on my arm and when I came back in the room I held out my arm with 25 of 30 bumps and said "I think I failed". Alas, I am also allergic to everything under the sun. They told me to never open my windows, wash my bedding weekly in scalding water, buy a $500 air purifier thing, get rid of my cat and take Zytrec-D. Instead I got another cat and bought Advil Congestion Relief. I'm such a good listener.

  2. my daughter--your father was subjected to 180 of those little picks--and guess what, you inherited my genes you licky girl/woman! things do get better--you get older and become allergic to more things! enjoy it while you can. Pops

  3. Oh Shauni... Sorry that you are also a member of the Allergy Society! When I go to the doctor and they ask if I'm allergic to anything I just tell them if it pollinates I'm allergic to it. When they did the allergy test on me my doctor told me I would be a perfect candidate for allergy shots. Well I passed on that one, but they came out with allergy drops that I take every day and take Zyrtec-D every other day. (If I don't take them my sinus swells to unbelievable proportions and I just want to stick a very sharp object in there to relieve the pain.) Generally some people get relief because trees, grasses, and molds bloom at different times of the year. However, since I am allergic to all of them I suffer all year. Yay me! Beware... allergies also can create polyps in your sinuses. I had one yanked out while still awake. (I was recently notified that they now put you under to do it... of course.) You haven't had a good time until they stick a needle in your nose with novicane!) So sorry you are a sufferer too!