Monday, July 9, 2012

Mr. G's Natural State

This weekend we had the good fortune of participating in my dear friend's beautiful, elegant, perfect wedding.

Perfect for everyone but Mr. G that is.

This was a very formal wedding, and as I was the maid (matron?!) of honor, Gerren also had to look sharper than his carhart pants, buttweiser cut-off tshirt and sandals regular attire.

He was not thrilled about it, but we rented him a tux, got him a haircut, and off we went to the wedding.

I was in the limo on my way to the ceremony when I got a call from Mr. G saying he had forgotten his tie.  Panic ensued.  On top of that, he forgot dress socks, and his shoes were a full 2 inches too big.  He also got lost.  So by the time he made it to the wedding, he was a hot sweaty mess without a tie and his feet were BLEEDING from running around in dress shoes without socks trying to find the church.

Being the great wife that I am, I did finagle a black tie from my LIMO DRIVER for Mr. G to wear for the night.  But even with the tie, Mr. G looked a bit disheveled, miserable, and uncomfortable.

Cut to 3 hours later at the 5 course reception.  I walked in, gave my speech, and sat next to my man.  He had already lost the tie and the shoes.  He already seemed happier.

By 11 Mr. G was back in his natural state, with a comedic tshirt, neon accessories, and a smile on his face.

My man may not do formal wear well, but lord can he rock the shit out of a tuxedo tee.

Hope you all had a nice weekend,