Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love elastic waist bands

I was kind of killing it on double dub for the month of January.  No booze.  No sweets.  No snacking.  No second helpings.  I wasn't seeing a difference in my pants yet, but the number on the scale was dropping a bit.

Then February happened.  

I discovered how to make homemade peanut butter cups.

Valentine's Day sweets/steaks.

Slowly introducing booze back.

And a weekend out of town filled with pudding shots, bacon wrapped foods, and various dips.

Needless to say, my fat pants are feeling a little tight today.

Fortunately for my waistline, I am back on track as of today (really as of yesterday, but I did have one leftover valentine's day cookie...)  Which is great because as I am sitting here sipping my tea I am starting to lose feeling in my legs because the waist if my jeans is digging in to my stomach.

Your fatty Grandma

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  1. Do tell me, how did you like the pudding shots? I assume they're the ones that have been around pinterest?