Monday, May 5, 2014


Many people have the privilege of being a big sister.  They get to pick on their little sister for goofy things, teach her, defend her honor, share with her, help her grow.  Big sisters hold their little sister's hands and show them the way.  I have often heard that it is nice for parents with two kids so the young sibling can look up to the older sibling for guidance and support.

But not all big sisters get the privilege of actually looking up to their little sisters like I do.

Today Tia is 28.  Twenty-eight!  I wanted to compile a list of reasons that my little sister is the number one role model I have, my guiding light, my support system.  So here it goes:

She helps me write my resumes and cover letters
She gives the best back tickles
She likes some ugly shoes and some nice shoes, so it is all balanced out
She loves corny jokes as much as me (knock knock, who's there, interrupting turtle...)
She sleeps until noon on the regular
She thinks brunch can start at 5 pm
She lets my cry over stupid things
She pats my head and listens when I cry over important things
She tells the funniest stories
She is goofy
She introduced me to my love of Beyonce
She has killer fashion
She doesn't give a shit what others think about her
She is dedicated to helping others
She is without a doubt, brilliant
She has great taste in friends and partners
She is a huge wuss when it comes to spiders to the point that she makes me look sane
She is a great mama to her fur babies
She has a don't mess with me attitude
She names cars well
She loves to lay in bed and snuggle with me
She calls me out on my shit
She gives good gifts
She is adventurous
She is caring beyond belief
She is a drama queen
She still has important mementos from our childhood
She is a good cook
She decorated her bedroom with condoms when we were in high school
She taunts me with too many selfies
She is as sweet as a sugar plum
and yet she can be a huge bitch
She is sensitive
She is kind
She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the privilege to know
She picks me up at the airport and drives me to get froyo
She is witty and funny
She is spontaneous
She is brave
She is independent
She is the best little sister a big sister could ask for

Tia, hermana, my soul sister; I love you and wish you nothing but the best for your 28th birthday.  Lalloo forever.