Thursday, January 27, 2011


You have heard me mention my fabulous, young, hot, and hip cousin in previous posts.  Her name is Katie Rae.  Not only is she hot and hip to boot, but the girl is a living genius.  Homegirl is taking her CPA exams and on her last exam, she got a world record breaking PERFECT score (nope, not joking).  She invited me out last time she took the exam and I had plans already and couldn't make it.  I promised her "after the next exam..."

Today (as I type this), Katie is taking CPA #2. Earlier this week, I got this text from her: "Come out to celebrate with us on Thursday!"

My response (being 72 years old) was "sure! But do you mean celebrate as in dinner and drinks?  or celebrate as in party like late at night?"

Katie: "not late, like 9-10"

I just about died.  On a work night?  Drinking?  STARTING at 9 or 10?

After my silence, Katie texted me back, "Shauni, come on, you are 25, GET A LIFE.  YOU ARE COMING!"

Mr. G gave me a side eye and said "have fun, lord knows I'm not staying out that late on a Thursday."

I promised my cousin.  Plus, I want to be good family.  Plus I thought of all of the other 25 year olds I know (and hell, 35 year olds.  And Liz Lemon.) who go out and lead fun and exciting lives, and I said "I CAN DO THIS!"

So, at 9 tonight, instead of putting my exhausted, 72-year-old ass into bed, I will be headed over to a local bar (nope, not dressing up, will be wearing something with an elastic waist band and nothing that resembles heels) and having one tonic water, hold the booze.  Last time I went out to drink on a work night, I ended up in a spinning restaurant 32 stories above the ground, crying, having a bottle of wine, and not getting home until 1am.

This time, I'm being cautious.

Nervous and exhausted Granny

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