Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The typical Sunday at Goodwin Ranch is such a different experience for the two residents living there.

I understand that some people like a lazy day on Sunday.  I respect that.  I like to be a little lazy too.  

But I also like to, I don't know, breathe actual fresh air.  Brush my teeth.  Get dressed.

Generally on Sundays I sleep in a bit late (10) and lounge in bed for a solid 20 minutes, then get up and wash the dishes.  Then I proceed to clean the ranch.  Then I eat something of some sort to fuel me through the run I go on next.  After my run I relax in a hot shower and then do laundry.  I follow this titillating experience by working on copious amounts of homework.  I break from doing homework to go bake something (muffins for the week, etc) and start Sunday supper (think meatloaf, chili, stew, shepherd's pie.  Details are important here).   Sprinkled in between all of these activities are plenty of netflixed TV shows.  And I should note that I do my homework in bed generally.  So I am getting some "rest" in there as well.

But now let's look at Mr. G's general Sundays:

He wakes up around 8 and gets cereal and watches some reality cooking competition.  That is followed by 4 more episodes of the same show.  Then he switches it up to "Dirty Jobs."  Late morning he might decide to put in some football game into his play station.  Then he will reheat some pizza or make a grilled cheese.  He might help me sweep or put away the recycling.  While I am out running he will go back to a TV show, maybe "Trailer Park Boys" or more "Hells Kitchen/Master Chef/Chopped/Iron Chef/Top Chef/Kitchen Nightmare/No Reservations."  He generally switches out the laundry for me.  Then back to the tv show.  Around 3 pm he will again switch over to NFL on the video games, and then will either grab a milk or a beer.  Repeat until 7 pm when I sit down with him on the couch with dinner and force him to watch something that I want.**

Not once does he get dressed.  Nor does he brush his teeth. Rarely will he step foot outside.

It's a rough life for my husband, I tell you.

**It should be noted that this Sunday I broke Mr. G out of his routine.  I brought him to not one but TWO breweries for beer and food and fun.  CHAMP.  (I am sure he will make up for this by not leaving the house what so ever next Sunday).

Peace out cub scouts.

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  1. I'm pretty sure your blog header should now have you with a cowboy hat since you are an established ranch.