Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nice to Meet You, I'm Clark Griswald

As a kid, I always used to beg my parents to put an addition on the house so we could have a tall tree at Christmas like that from the Nutcracker.

For obvious reasons they declined to turn my request into a reality.

But imagine my delight when the house we purchased late this summer had cathedral ceilings in it!  I could have the tall Christmas tree of my fantasies at last!

Except the tree farm we generally go to specializes in FAT trees, not TALL trees.  And since the Goodwin's are low on time and resources, we purchased our tree from this farm, rather than drive to another farm to find a taller one.  So instead we picked out the biggest, fattest, tallest tree on the 3 acre farm.

We should have known we were in trouble when it took 3 grown men to get it into the back of the truck.

Last night we MacGyvered Griswalded the tree into the house.

No joke, we took the front door off it's hinges, used rope and tie straps to tie the tree down so we could fit it through the door, we pushed, we pulled, and an hour and a half later we finally got the tree into the house.

The tree was SO big that even all tied up it was STILL bigger than any tree I have ever had.

We slowly released the ropes and POOF, we had an 11 foot tall tree that was matched in height only by it's 8 foot girth.  

Let's just say our living room no longer echoes from being too empty!

Now let's all pray for snow, because it is a bit depressing to feel all Christmas-y without the white stuff.


  1. My Jewish daughter with all her Christmas spirit. Hanukkah is over so it's time to take down your Hanukkah bush!!!