Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What it means to be a Pinkson

My sister, cousins and I often talk about how wonderful it is to be a Pinkson.  We had a great matriarch to lead our family, and both of my grandparents and their parents, my aunts and uncles, and my parents have all raised us to work hard, have a strong sense of social justice, and care for others.  We constantly look back at our family get togethers with pride from where we come from and how we were raised.


and this is a big but (but in no way makes us any less proud, in fact it makes me even more proud)...

There are some things that can only be said if you are a Pinkson.  You know how every family thinks their family is a little weird?  

I guarantee us Pinkson's have you beat.

"Can I go play in that giant teepee in your aunt's back yard?"
"No, someone actually lives there."

"Remember that time we put your grandparents in the hospital from too many pot brownies?"

"Just step over all of the animal parts scattered around the yard."

"Mom!  You have far worse drug stories than we do!"

"Yes, that's my cousin in 'Gettin' Jiggy With It."

"What kind of stew is this?"
"Squirrel, why?"


"Do you want to see the worms composting food in our basement?"

"You are 4 years old; it is time you know what sexual intercourse is."

"Your popop was accused of being a Communist by McCarthy."
"But wasn't he?"

"We brought some weed lollipops to your wedding.  Do you want one?"

"What are you doing this weekend?"
"Brain tanning!"

"Lets go around the table and tell our worst drug stories!"

"My parents have an APB out for their missing goat."

I can honestly say that even though my last name is now Goodwin, that being a Pinkson is a point of pride for me.  Our family raised us well.  We may seem a little goofy to the rest of you (but you sound a little boring to me), but I would not have it any other way.

What are some strange things about your family?


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  1. our family secrets being aired!! what about you and sister using your doll as a prop and asking your bubby to spread her legs because she was giving birth to your dolly??