Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well that's pinteresting

I have had a smidge of OCD most of my adult life, but ever since buying Goodwin Ranch it has been kicked into high gear.  Owning your own digs to decorate as you like has me scouring the web for ideas--ways I can turn the ranch into a beautiful home worthy of a design magazine.

I pine over pinterest posts, looking for the perfect bedroom for Mountain Man and I to call our own retreat.  I constantly look at other blogs and see how people turn their bedrooms into a beautiful oasis.  It seems like every blogger out there has a swoon worthy room that I am lusting over.

I literally fantasize about having a bedroom as gorgeous as the ones I find on the internet.  I plot out paint colors, furniture, accent pieces, decor.  I check my bank account regularly to see if I miraculously woke up with a few extra Gs to decorate the master suite.  I constantly think up the perfect blue for our walls.

Instead, I live with a man who, despite my dreams of having the PERFECT BEDROOM, he does this to his side of the room:

Pinterest worthy we are not.

But hopefully someday!

Happy new year, chickens.


  1. hahaha MFD's dressing room is the stuff of nightmares.

  2. Just think of all the junk those Pinterest rooms shove off to the side. :)