Friday, January 17, 2014

A Mountain Man by Any Other Name...

We live in a small rural area.

Little things--like a new, young, studly mountain manager at the oldest ski area in the US--tend to make the news a bit.  Since Mountain Man's promotion 2 years ago there have been countless news stories, videos and publications with his name and picture.

No joke, when he first took over, we were getting calls from reporters about 3 times a day for a solid two weeks.

Want his autograph?

Now that it is the height of winter in Vermont, they seem to be at it again.

On Wednesday there was a magazine article published and two articles in the local paper (front page, above the fold.  Ahem.) about him.  It was pretty exciting.

Except that in each article his name was different.

One was correct.

Then there was Gunner Goodwin.  (MM seems to like this adaptation of his name best.)

And in the EXACT same newspaper that called him Gunner, they refer to him as Gallen Goodwin in the second article.

Ladies, not only am I married to a local celebrity, I am apparently married to three.  You can start fanning yourselves with envy now.