Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey Soul Sister

Tia-wee-ya, Sissypoo, TeeTee,

Please, PLEASE, for the love of god, move to Toronto.  It is known as the NYC of Canada.  Aside from that alone, let me list some reasons why you should move here:

-HUGE, like 3 million peeps.
-One of the most diverse cities in the WORLD.
-Better politics.
-So much to do!
-Young, hip, city.  Everyone I meet reminds me of you in some way.
-People are nicer than in NYC.
-It is cleaner than NYC.
-It is prettier than NYC.
-There is a neighborhood called "Little Ethiopia."  Enough said.
-Also there is "Little India," "Korea-Town," "Japan Town," "Little Portugal," etc.
-Large Jewish population.
-Great museums.
-Near a body of water.
-People say "oot and aboot."
-There is a great LGBT health community here.  You can use your same set of skills!

I really want you to move here.  You will love it.  And I will love visiting you :)

Please, at least consider it!


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