Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back in Time

Last night we lost power just as I finished up what may be the sweatiest run of my entire life.  I was literally pouring sweat for 30 minutes still after the run.  It was hot and humid, folks.

Despite me being a hot mess and having to "clean" myself by taking a dip in our freezing cold pool (which by the way, does not in fact clean you.  Woke up this morning and my hair looks like I just walked out of the kitchen of a BK lounge.) and having to drive 20 minutes to grab overpriced wraps for dinner, Mr. G and I appreciated not having power for a night. 

Instead of sitting on our couch and mindlessly watching Hells Kitchen (Mr. G's choice), we sat outside and watched the lightening move in.  It was really just what the doctor ordered.

But I am glad we woke up with power again this morning.

Ignore my greasy hair today.


1 comment:

  1. I love watching a storm. I also love Hell's Kitchen. Tough toss up!

    I died laughing at the hair/BK lounge visual.