Monday, August 6, 2012

Good eats

Mr. G and I went camping this weekend and were away from our pool for a few days.  On our way back from the mountains we were joking about how many dead mice we would find floating in the pool upon our arrival (true story: I fish out about 3 dead mice a week.  Gross and weird.)

We walked out back after unloading the truck and I was about to set to work cleaning our (very dirty) pool.  I was looking into the deep end when I noticed that one of the leaves on the bottom was really big.  And looked like a lobster.

Hmmm, weird, thought I.

Wait, why is that lobster shaped leaf moving and swimming?


I rationally decided that it was not in fact the famous crustacean that goes so well dipped in butter.


Rather that it was the crustacean that gets boiled up with spices and potatoes and corn on the cob; it was a giant, mutant crawfish.

Again, I repeat, ...the fuck is going on here??

Yes, I know we live off the river.  But still, how did the crawfish get out of the river, climb the bank, go over the stone wall, cross our lawn, and then find our pool?  It is about 100 rocky, wild, feet for a crawfish to terrain.  

It is by far one of the strangest thing to ever be found in a pool, I reckon.

But, mmmmm, did he taste good boiled with creole seasoning!

(Just kidding, Mr. G saved him and brought him back out the the river.  We are not assholes.)


  1. I always wonder how they survive in chlorine. We kept finding ghost crabs in the pool when we rented a house in the Outer Banks one year.

  2. I still think he would have tasted wonderful--

  3. When I lived in Texas, not near water, small crayfish (or 'crawdaddies', in TX) would turn up in the rain puddles in our street and we would race them as kids. I used to think it rained crayfish.