Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full out, just stop

Dear friends who are posting or blogging about being pregnant or their newborn babies:
JUST STOP.  IT IS MAKING MY OLD UTE FEEL AS EMPTY AS A HOLLOW TIN DRUM.  That shit is yearning for a fetus.  So stop rubbing it in my not-yet-prepared-to-have-a-baby face.

(not entirely true.  I am also jealous of your tot.)

Dear friends who keep talking about all the snow they are getting:
STOP IT.  I haven't seen a good snow storm now since 2010.  I am ready.  More importantly, Mountain Man is ready, and he really needs a break.  Give me snowmaggedon.

Dear Ke$ha:
You come out with another song as catchy "Die Young" and that is in fact what I will do if I get caught again singing along to your song in public.

Dear Powerball Winners:
Just, fuck you.


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  2. I agree with your sentiments towards the Powerball winners.