Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obligatory Thankful Post

I am thankful that November is almost over so I do not have to read about what everyone else is Thankful for.

I am thankful that my Mountain Man does not participate in Movember.

I am thankful for stretchy pants with elastic waist bands all year, but particularly tomorrow.

I am thankful that on this day of Thanksgiving Eve I have been working from home and have yet to get out of bed except to pee once.

I am thankful for Vodka and Baileys mixed with chocolate pudding.

I am thankful to The Farmer's Wife for choosing me to be the winner of a new blog design by Melissa Rose Designs (That was my sneaky way of introducing you to my new blog with my new name.)

And I am thankful for small things that we never think of that add up to huge things: I am thankful that Mountain Man and I were born into the families that we were.  We are beyond fortunate to live the lives we do, surrounded by family and friends all with good health and access to good health care.  Without worry of missiles landing in our bedroom.  With money in savings.  With heat when we need it and a pool when we need that.  With Skype and dental care and Netflix and Gap Outlets.  With cars and trucks and travel and books.  I am thankful.

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