Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Side by Side Comparison

Have y'all heard of the tumbler Rich Kids of Instagram? I found this little gem last week and was mesmerized by the spawn of the 1 percenters.  I spend more time than I would like to admit perusing the website and feeling both jealous and disgusted.

For your entertainment purposes, I thought I would create a side by side comparison of Rich Kids of Instagram versus Poor People in their Late Twenties.  Enjoy!

Here we have the home theater of Rich Kids of Instagram.  Below is the expansive home theater of Poor People in their Late Twenties.  Almost the same, right?
#watching movies on a Friday night.  #athome.  #likethechordsthatareNOTtuckedaway?   

Next up we compare the luggage of the RKOI to the luggage of PPITLT:


The jewels and bling of the RKOI are so similar to my (PPOTLT) jewels and accessories that it is eerie.
I think the #hairtie compliments my #rings without #distracting from the #bling, dont you?

Next up we see that both the RKOI and the PPITLT have pride in their vehicles:


 Here you might see a bit of a difference.  Rich Kids of Instagram have some nice digs, but us Poor People in our Late Twenties have really cute ranches.


 The RKOI travel in style.  You want to see how this PPIOLT individual gets to the beach??

#riding in style in Sam the Silverado

And the vacation locations are pretty different as well.  Yacht week?  Try free upgrade at the Best Western, bitches. #Idemandexcellence.

#freeupgrade #classybetch

And lastly, I think we can all agree that both the RKOI and the PPOTLT know how to party.  Us peasants just party a little differently--in barns, with moonshine and banjos.
#barnparty #moonshine #whiskey #banjo #countryfolyfe

So you see, us Poor People in our Late Twenties really don't have it that bad compared to the Rich Kids of Instagram.  We are not so different after all.

still poor and proud