Monday, November 8, 2010

Rambling Thoughts of a 25 year old Antacid Poppin' Food Loving Totally Boring Granny

  • It is just 11:32 and I have already destroyed my lunch (left over baked ziti, amazeballs).  When 11:19 rolled around, I couldn't take it anymore.  I was starving.  So baked ziti it was.  I do not regret this decision, but I likely will when it is 12:30 and everyone else is eating lunch and I am not.
  • I have a theory/hypothesis/philosophy that if you do not like Taylor Swift that you are un-American.  (Please say "un-Amuricun" with a redneck accent for the full affect.)  My younger cousin, who is hot, hip, and totally with it, disagrees and says that Taylor Swift is awful, she hates her, and she is a fake.  My feelings were hurt every time Ms. Katie Rachel said another mean thing about my close and personal friend Taylor.  I chucked it up to Katie being hot, young, and hip, and me being 96 and liking the wholesome, sweet, cute, and talented musicians that are a rare breed out there these days.  It could also have something to do with the fact that I am obsessed with every song that Ms. Swift has ever had played on the radio ever.  I stand by my theory/hypothesis/philosophy. 
  • After finishing a healthy (ie, large) portion of baked ziti, I am still hungry.  I want cookies.
  • All of this talk on Facebook of snow and ice is upsetting me.  And Caroline the Corolla.  She hasn't yet gotten her winter sneakers on and if Mother Nature doesn't calm the eff down, Caroline is going to be pissed.  It's not like I am neglecting Caroline (although the poor girl is about 3,000 miles over due for an oil change), it is just that Ricky the Recession Rat is making me wait until Thanksgiving week when the bills are all paid to buy the girl some winter sneaks.  So everybody who is excited about this tragic weather, simmer down, let it be for another 2 weeks, and THEN start your excited Facebook banter about snow and winter arriving. 
  • Mr. G took me on a date on Friday night to see Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.  If you are like me, and think you like some bluegrass, and particularly love Allison Krauss, Nickel Creek (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH NICKEL BACK.  ever.), the Dixie Chicks, or Dolly Parton, then you must must must start listening to Rhonda.  I had never heard of her before, but lawd have mercy, I thought I had died and gone to heaven listening to her and her wonderful band sing.  However, if you are like my young, hot, and hip cousin Katie Rachel and think that all of the above singers suck (shaking my head with disappointment in today's youth) then maybe don't listen to Rhonda and the Rage.  (It should also be said that after this concert on Friday night, I went to little Miss Katie Rachel's house and stayed there until 11!  She told me I was a loser and an old maid for leaving at 11 to go home to bed rather than going out with her to hit up the bars.  I am going to use the fact that she said these mean things to me to discredit her comments on Taylor Swift and Rhonda Vincent et al.  There, I feel better about it already.)
  • After finishing a healthy (ie large) portion of baked ziti, I need some tums.  And some cookies because I really am still hungry.

Achy breaky heartburn-y bubbie.

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  1. I should be wrapping up these print orders, but instead I am sitting here reading your blog and drinking wine. Shame on you Bubbie. ;) PS Next time you go to a bluegrasss concert or festival TAKE US TOO! We love it. Heard of Railroad Earth?? xoxox