Monday, April 25, 2011

Whistling Dixie

Mr. G and I had a rough winter.  He worked all.the.time.  We never had a day off together.  It was cold and expensive.  Mr. G was injured.

Do you feel bad for me yet?

It was a bit of a challenge to start our new marriage without having days off together.  Ever.  From October until April.  All winter I was looking forward to spring and all of the fun things that Mr. G and I could do together.

I will not bore you with the list of things that we think are fun that we have already started to do.  Hint: some of these things include changing the screens on our windows.  And going on runs.  And driving in the country with no destination in mind.  Yeehaw.

This weekend, Mr. G and I are playing hooky from work and are headed below the Mason-Dixon line.  We are leaving the slowly-warming weather and muddy roads and will spend a long weekend in lovely, romantic, warm, glorious, perfect TEXAS.

Please note, that was a sarcastic description of the lone star state.  Words that do describe Texas are: fun, warm, perfect, food, suburbs, SUVs, green (grass and trees, not eco-conciencious people), beer, boats, margaritas, crawfish, and Stephen.  (Other word to describe Texas: Republican.)

Stephen has been a dear friend to Mr. G and myself for many years.  He was one of the best men in our wedding and we are pleased as pie to be spending our long weekend away with him.

Especially because with Stephen there is always Grey Goose, beer, boats, leather couches, luxury vehicles, little dogs, bbq, hot tubs, restaurants, back yards, funny stories and lots of laughs, and new this year: a 300 person neighborhood crawfish boil.

We are going to be completely indulgent, think only of ourselves, relax, eat, drink, laugh, and catch some sun.  I'm not even on this mini vacation yet and I already don't want to come back.

Already dreaming,

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  1. You make southern-ness sound vaguely appealing, this is hard to do! Yehaw cowgirl! :) Have fun!