Monday, June 27, 2011

It's about time

Have you heard the great news?  Gay marriage was passed in New York over the weekend.  Late Friday night.  Instantly my phone was buzzing, calls were made, cheers were shouted.  And that was just me in my little hotel room in good old Massachusetts.  In New York it was ever cooler.

And how perfect that this bill was passed during Pride weekend!  I would have loved to be in NYC with my sister and her friends marching down the street watching the parades.  I am so beyond thrilled that this bill was passed and thousands of Americans can now take advantage of one of their basic human rights.

However, I am still pissed.  Very, very pissed.

Why is this a voting issue at all?  How come I can vote on what someone else wants to do, if that something else is not causing harm to anyone?  How come gay marriage is not 100% legal?  Why oh why are we still talking about this, fighting for this, working for this?  HOW IS THIS, IN THE YEAR 2011, STILL EVEN AN ISSUE???  You love someone enough, you marry them (if you want).  End of story.  Nothing should stop you.

Gay marriage is hurting NO ONE.  Not a soul.  To the religious, conservative, ASSHOLES out there who will not let my friends, my relatives, my sister marry the people that they want, tell me, HOW WILL THIS HURT YOU?  How will my neighbor marrying her girlfriend hurt YOU personally.  Or our economy?  Or anyone at all?  Because gay marriage hurts the sanctity of marriage?  WHAT ABOUT DIVORCE??  
Because children need two positive, heterosexual role models in their lives?  Seems to me, children from broken homes with divorce have it much worse than children from homes with two loving dads.  Are you afraid that gay parents are going to raise gay babies?  I think Tina Fey explained it best when she said "gay people are not trying to convert you, that's Jehovah's witnesses you are thinking of."  Do you feel that because the bible says something about a man and a woman that we must live our lives 100% by the bible?  I've got news for you--the bible is a book, not a fucking law.

This should not even be something that is a hot topic in politics right now.  We are still at war.  We are at the ends of a recession.  We have to find jobs for Americans.  We need to find better ways to teach our children, improve upon healthcare, deal with illegal immigration...the list goes on.  If gay marriage, such a simple, easy, HARMLESS thing was legal on a national level and not a debatable issue, then our politicians could focus on these larger issues at hand.  Come on, let the gays marry so you can go figure out how to deal with Libya.  Jesus, it just doesn't compute for me.

I know, I need to be happy for the victory in New York.  And be proud that I live in a state where gay marriage has been legal for quite some time now.  And I am happy for these reasons.  But that happiness just wakes the angry beast inside of me that wants to go rip off the heads of any PRICK who doesn't want gay marriage to be legal.  To those pricks, I saw to you, FUCK YOU, and FUCK YOUR HATE.  

Legalize gay marriage NOW, on a national level, and let's get the fuck on with it.

Pissed off Granny

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