Monday, June 20, 2011

Tis the season

I thought last summer was hectic, what with moving from California to Vermont and planning our wedding and all.  But that was nothing.  I have realized that while we were in fact busy last summer, we were not so much busy as we were, say, broke.  Being broke makes you dread every event you have, it makes you stressed, and it makes it seem like there is far more going on because every beloved penny you earn goes to  some wedding, some gift, some decorations for your own wedding, etc.

But this summer, now that we are not completely, 100% broke (only 50% broke), I am aware of how much we have planned for this summer.  And I am quite excited about it!

Four weddings, one couples shower, two bachelorette parties (and one bachelor party for Mr. G).  Which leads to at least one shopping spree.  A fourth of July Tubing the River Extravaganza regardless of whether any of our friends come join us or not.  A white water rafting trip.  A 10K fundraiser (want to donate?  Here is how: Prouty 2011).  A dream vacation to the Florida Keys.  A bluegrass concert.  Two country fairs.  Some yard-saling.  A new truck.  And as many BBQ's and beach days as we can squeeze in.

It is going to be a busy summer, and we are still not doing some of the big ticket things we really wanted to do (go visit sissy-poo in the big city, go to a Sox game).  But now that we have a *little* more cash in our pockets this year (note: I consider any amount over $200 at any given time in our bank account "not broke"), we can actually enjoy all of our activities without being stressed, anxious, or nervous.

Now if only we had the money to refurnish our rental....

Happy (almost) Summer!

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