Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Do you have a phrase, and inside joke, something you share privately with a dear friend?  Something you might say that only you two understand, that makes you giggle or laugh out loud?  Something that just connects you two?

I don't have that, really.

But I have something close.  And today I am going to fill you in.

You have all heard of The Pioneer Woman, right?  If not, check her out, she is quite funny.  And though I know many people across the globe read P.Dubs confessions and stories, I have a connection with one friend over one particular phrase that P.Dub has mentioned before.  It is OUR phrase.  This phrase is used daily by me and my  dear friend, who for security reasons I will call Liam.  It is a phrase so important in our daily rhetoric that I cannot imagine talking to Liam without at least one of us using the phrase.

Turkey Ass Butt Hell Damn.

That's right.  You read that correctly.





Say it together.  Turkey. Ass. Butt.  Hell.  Damn.  Say it quickly.  Turkeyassbutthelldamn.  Say it with gusto, say it with pride.  Sometimes you only need to say Turkey Ass because whatever it is you are talking about does not require the phrase in it's entirety.  But usually, it does.

Some conversations when TABHD is likely to be used between Liam and myself:

L: Turkey ass butt hell damn, someone else just got the job over me.
S: son of a turkey ass butt hell, NOT FAIR.

L: I just want to sleep all day
S: turkey ass butt hell damn.  I just want that too.

L: Turkey ass, I have to go do some work now.
S: word up g funk.


Now you try it.  I bet you will find that it becomes an instrumental part of your life, and will really solidify a great relationship you have with someone else if you can use it together as often as possible.

Or maybe not.  Maybe that's just me and Liam.

But at least it's fun to say!

Turkey Ass Butt Hell Damn,

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