Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Of Course

Yesterday was a "rest" day for my training schedule.  On Sunday I ran 8.5 miles so Monday is my day of rest and recovery.  Plus I had to work late.  Worked out swell.

My plan was to run a short hill run today and then two longer runs Wednesday and Thursday, since I have to take Friday and Saturday off for traveling.

When I only have three days to run in a week, I really want to make them count.  I knew I would only have a short 30 minutes to run tonight due to plans with the in laws later, so I decided a hill run would be the most effective.  I did not pack gym clothes, as an alternative.  "Just get home, run some hills for 30 minutes, get home, shower, and head on over to dinner!" I told myself.

And I really was looking forward to running today.  (I am one of those sick people who I used to hate that say "I get cranky if I don't run.")

So here I am, about to walk out the office door to go for a much needed and wanted run, and this is what I experience:

Pouring rain.  Thunder.  Lightening.  Wind.  And it is supposed to last for the next THREE HOURS.

Fuck me.

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