Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Everyone has a dream job.  Real Estate Agent?  Teacher?  Own your own restaurant?  Oscar winning actress?  Author?  Police officer?  Fireman? CEO of a fortune 500? Social Worker?

They all sound great.  And everyone has their own reasons for wanting to have their own dream job.  Some want to save lives, improve the world while others want to make money and be famous and even more people want to just work for themselves, be their own boss.

Usually it has to do with wanting something more out of your life.  You want something beyond what you have now.

What, you want to sit in a cubicle all day?  Never have anything better for yourself?  Same things day in and day out?  Not me, and not most of my friends.  Even my friends (Mr. Brockway, I'm looking at you) who had their dream jobs are already looking at fulfilling their next dream job.  It's never ending.  People strive for improvement in their lives and want to make the best out of their careers.

I don't need no stinking oscar.  And I don't want to teach the youth of the world.  I don't want to own anything ever that might resemble a business.  Instead, I will give you a glance at the top jobs that I would consider my ultimate dream jobs:

5. Cheese Taster/Expert--I love cheese to the max.
4. Country Singer*--This should probably be #5 as it is the job I least want.  Too exhausting.
3. Famed (read, wealthy) food critic, author and blogger--I love cheese, food, wine, blogging, and would love to get paid to enjoy all of those things.
2. Have my own show on the travel channel about travel and food and wine--I love travel, food, wine, and would love to get paid to enjoy all of these things.
1. Stay at home millionaire--self explanatory.

Guess I need to start buying scratch tickets.

Day dreaming,


  1. I truly hope you one day achieve this. And I need you to know that I love you because the "M" in your "SAHM" is not Mom, it is Millionaire. LURV!

  2. I will pay you to teach me how to love wine. I would also subscribe monthly to your blog.