Monday, July 18, 2011

To Embarrass Kali

Granny had a wild, wild weekend.  It was very un-granny like.

I am not sure if you are like me (old and fussy), but there are very few drunk people I enjoy being around.  Most drunks are annoying, messy, yadda yadda (myself very much included), and the last thing I would do is list those people (myself included) as being anything but annoying.

Except for Kali.

Kali is my smart, beautiful, educated, healthy, athletic, wonderful friend.  She runs half marathons, she is a nutritionist, she knows good style, she leads a healthy, normal, perfect life with her fiance, Erik, and their three kitties.

And Kali love's the sauce.

That is not to say that Kali is even remotely an alchy.  She is not.  But when homegirl wants to party, she parties.

After nearly 10 years of boozing it with Kali, I have never seen her drunk without a smile on her face.  And that includes when she is booting into the toilet.

This is Kali at least 5 years ago.  Not much has changed.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Kali's Bachelorette Party.  And just as usual, after a few cocktails in our room, Kali was beyond thrilled to be going out and enjoying some bubbly drinks.  I have never, ever, had so much fun with Kali (and her wonderful friends).

The night started with me running to the restroom the moment we arrived at our 10 pm dinner reservations.  I returned from the bathroom to find Kali already at a table filled with men.  Shots  had been ordered.  I had been gone for less that 2 minutes.

The night ended at 4 am, with Kali still smiling, in a free limo.

There were a couple of events in between that I think would make a grown man blush (and made Erik's bachelor party pale in comparison).

Thanks Kali and the rest of you wild girls.  This weekend was just what Granny needed to feel 26 again.

Still recovering,

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