Monday, September 12, 2011


Whew, it has been quite a while since I popped in here to blog, but such as life when the writer of said blog is away on a glorious vacation for ten days :)

To sum up in 5 sentences: glorious weather. nails all broke. tan is fading ALREADY. perfect 10 days off. now broke.

But if you would like the full update on what I did during my blogging hiatus please continue on.  (If you have a life and wish not to be bored to tears please do not tell me, I like to pretend people care about my antacid poppin' tales.)

Key West was blissful.  We had so much fun with the Dangelicos.  Our week looked exactly like this: wake up at 8, run for 20 miserable minutes (I am a wuss, sue me), eat egg whites, shower.  Slather with sunscreen and hit the playa.  Roast on the beach for a good three hours.  Eat a sammie.  Come home and cool down in the AC for 20 minutes.  Lay out by the pool for 4 hours, reading, swimming, and eating carrots.  At 5, throw in a cocktail.  At 7, shower and head to dinner.  Repeat daily.  I read 4 books in 7 days.  I have never been more relaxed.  It was a glorious, much needed, perfect vacation and I am beyond depressed that it is over. 

There were plenty of cocktails

 And loads of sun and relaxing!

Also while away on our trip-y-poo, Mr. G and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.  We got all dolled up (ha!) and headed out to a delicious (though in no way fancy) dinner.  The year went incredibly quick and though we had some rough patches, and we know there are more rough patches to come, for the most part we had a great, fun, challenging, wonderful, interesting, perfect year.  And I cannot imagine facing those challenging and rough patches without Mr. G by my side.  Here is to 50 (plus some!) more years, my darling!

We returned to Vermont only to have less than 24 hours to unpack, get shit done, and repack for our dear friends' wedding.  We got home at 9:30 pm on Thursday night.  We had to hit the road for the wedding (though it was only an hour away) by 2:30 pm on Friday.  I managed to squeeze in a ten mile run (note: running 10 hilly, mountainous, long miles in Vermont is so much easier than running two flat but extremely hot and humid boring miles in Florida) and then we were on our way again.

We drove through our neighboring towns and were finally able to see the magnitude of the damage that was really caused by Irene.  Though Quechee got hit pretty bad, it was mostly businesses that got hurt.  As we drove through Vermont, we could see the individual homes that were ruined.  At least 15 homes were just gone, washed away.  We passed probably 25 cars that were flipped, tangled in trees, down in the river, stuck in the feet and feet of mud.  We passed bridges that were no longer where they were supposed to be and had to take roads that were built overnight to re-route traffic from roads that no longer existed.  It was amazing to see and Mr. G and I are ready to help where we can this coming weekend and give support where it is needed. 

Small maple sugar house.  Wiped out, no more lawn.  Sign says "please do not knock down, this is all I have left."

Once we arrived to the lovely wedding location, the Gray Goose started flowing and fun was had by all. It was great seeing our friends from the south and Kali and Erik had the most wonderful wedding weekend.  Rehearsal dinner for everyone at a local brewery?  With roasts and toasts?  Yes please!  Beautiful weather, lovely location, gorgeous set up, and the most breathtaking bride all lead to the perfect wedding on Saturday afternoon.  We had a great time and we wish Kali and Erik nothing but the best.  

We clean up nice!

QC fo' life


All in all the last ten days were spectacular.  Amazing.  Perfect.  

I cannot believe I am back at work and have already been here for over two hours working on projects.  I was meant to live the relaxing lifestyle of the rich and the famous.  I want to do nothing but pretend our bank account is endless, sleep, eat, tan, read, and celebrate fun times with our friends.  I do NOT want sit in my windowless office planning for a week long conference next week.


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