Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ok, so if ya'll recall, I blogged last week about maid service while at conference numbero uno (of 7...) and about how I didn't like to have the maids come daily because I didn't have the cashola to pay them.

(If you do not recall this story, then start reading my blog more often.  I beg of you.)

Well the responses have overwhelmingly been "you tip your maid service!?!?!"

Which got me thinking.

I have ALWAYS tipped the maids growing up.  I remember my dad leaving cash on the TV stand when we would leave for our daily activities when I was a little girl and since then I have been tipping.

But apparently, that shit is not normal.  (The Pinkson clan not normal?  Color me shocked.)

So please, as I have 6 more conferences to attend in the near future, please let me know if I need to be packing cash to tip the maids, or if I am crazy, and maids do not get tipped (which will save me a bundle of money and some stress).


  1. I always remember my parents leaving cash on the TV stand as well (the maybe three times we hit up a hotel).

  2. Never went to anything other than motels growing up, and never for more than like one day so I didn't even know they had maid service until I was much older. So I can't help you with what was normal growing up, but I think it varies from person to person and place to place. At some hotels they expect a tip at every stop—from bell boy to room service delivery, at others it would seem ridiculous. Your call with the rest of the staff, but for the cleaning ladies, I'd say decide what you are willing (or allowed, if it's work-expensed) to pay for a day, week, etc. stay before you get to the hotel, get cash out and then leave a little each day in case different maids come throughout the week. Just have to plan ahead, for example you wouldn't go out to eat without the money to tip the wait staff! Here you can get a cash advance for travel which is nice for tipping especially, but not sure what it's like there.

  3. I recommend the book "Nickled and Dimed" on this one ... gave me the perspective onto which I now hold!

  4. Always tip. Any time I've traveled with family, friends, school, etc everybody has always tipped the maid service. It's a service industry and believe me, maids are not rolling in the dough. You are doing far better than them. And even if you are not using their services on the daily, they still made up the bed and cleaned the room before you arrived and will do it again after. Imagine waitressing and even if you just sat the family and they wanted the buffet and you didn't do much work. You would still want/expect a tip for checking in, setting, and clearing the table.