Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Halloween Tale

This fine Halloween morning I thought I would share a true story of a woman who was once normal and on Halloween morphed into a scary, crazy, neurotic, OCD individual.

Yes, the woman is me. (No, the woman in the picture is not actually me, but I think it is a pretty accurate portrayal of what I will look like in another 30 years.)

Every morning I make tea while I get ready for work.  The tea water boils, I finish putting my face on, getting dressed, and making the bed, and then run down and pour the boiling water into my travel mug.

I have been doing this for 4 years now.

And yet today, for some reason, 3.5 miles into my drive to work, I decided I simply MUST go home and double check that I had turned the stove off.

Which of course I had.

But I needed to add a little crazy to my life and double check.

Off to wash my hands 47 times,

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