Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm still thawing out

This weekend was a total change up for my granny blood.

My best friend 4EVA (seriously, since the second grade) is getting married in 2 months and this weekend we took her out to celebrate.  Seven of us got together for Laura's bachelorette party.

But this was not your typical bachelorette party.
(Well, part of it was.  I was there, so obviously we had some phallic shaped accessories because I am like a 16 year old.)

Saturday we skied.  We skied our asses off.  My legs are still sore.  It was a GREAT day of hitting the slopes (I didn't fall once, but I did manage to spend $19 on my lunch of a sandwich and french 

We then did the typical bachelorette party fun, had dinner, had some cocktails, and hit the hay.

Only to wake up bright and early on Sunday morning to do a zip-lining canopy tour.

Sounds fantastic and total cool, right?

Well, "cool" is not the right word to use.

Freezing, frigid, unbearable, hypothermic.  Those are better words.

It was -10 out.  Before the wind chill.

And we were outside for HOURS zipping through the air.

We were quite the sight:
Hair that was exposed was frozen.  The only skin that was showing was our noses (and sometimes not even then).  We looked like the kid from the Christmas story.  We were each wearing about 4 layers of clothes UNDER our winter parkas and snow pants and huge boots and helmets.  

I promise I will post pictures shortly (they are worth viewing), but right now I am still thawing out.

We had a fantastic time (despite our complaints and despite me ruining my BRAND NEW PINK PARKA) but never had I ever been more excited to sleep for 9 hours in a warm bed.

Still trying to get warm,

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