Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Terminal C

Sweet mother of pearl, I have had quite a week.

In case y'all were not aware, I had a quick little trip out to warm, sunny, palm tree laden Long Beach, Califor-ni-ay.

And by "quick" and "little" I mean it took me 22.5 hours to get there.  Longer than some international flights.  Cripes.

So what did I do while I spent 10 hours in Terminal C (worst terminal) at Boston Logan?

I did what any responsible individual would do and I had a couple of cocktails and watched and absorbed my surroundings.

During the stroke of time I had to people watch I observed quite a few things--people were pissed that our flight was cancelled.  Employees had no idea what was going on.  Traveling folk eat a LOT of junk.  Traveling folk also drink a lot of booze.  People make friends with their seating area neighbors.  Others do nothing but complain.  A special brand of travelers talk on their cell phones for hours on end at a volume that we can all hear.  

But my favorite observation is one I have made many a time before.  It has to do with older folks.  And while I do not consider my mother elderly in the slightest, she falls in to this category (love ya mom).

I am talking about old people who do not realize that the loud ringing sound or song coming from inside their purse/pocket/bag is theirs.

It gets me laughing every time (except at the movies).

It seems like every other person on earth knows when their phone is ringing.  But these darling old folks just keep on walking, looking around like "whose phone is chirping so loudly?  why is no one answering it?!" and it is not until a full 30 seconds lapses that they realize it is in fact their very own pocket that is singing "Living la vida loca" (true story).

"Hello!  Sorry, I didn't realize it was my phone ringing!" they generally shout in to the phone (because, you know, the person they are talking to are so far away that the talker must shout so their friend can hear them on the other line).

I had one hell of a travel day.  22.5 hours of travel is too much for a domestic flight.  But at least throughout my hours at Boston Logan in Terminal C I was able to find some continual enjoyment in the cell phone owning folks of the baby boomer generation.

Still recovering from my trip,

PS, yes I did manage to talk my way in to free drinks at the terminal bar, a free upgrade to first class, and free vouchers to use on a later flight, thankyouverymuch.


  1. I shudder when you tease granny because she can't hear her cell phone ring, I'm the same and I'm only 47, yikes! and I constantly used to get scowls from my partner because I talk so loud on my cell phone, especially in public places. Tim eventually bought me a Tracfone SVC for seniors for Xmas thinking that I would hear the phone ring better and that I won't have to use my reading glasses to dial the bigger keys and see the bigger letters on the screen.
    I must say I prefer this little Tracfone Samsung T155G ($15 & 7/month for service) because it's light to carry in my pocket, not my bag which is like a black hole.
    I commute from South Africa to the U.S. twice a year and boy I couldn't handle the 15 hrs travel at a time. Now I go via Europe and spend a few days in France or Italy which is just divine and it breaks the journey comfortably.
    My boyfriend has a prepaid phone that can receive books from his kindle, via the computer, this is also a great if you are travelling.

  2. I feel for those folk who cannot hear their phones ring. They are probably like me, a little hard of hearing. If I am not in a dead still place with no clatter, I will hear my phone ring. One of the main reasons that I have a Tracfones SVC, as well, is because it is hearing aid compatible which makes making calls so much easier for me. Think twice before you have a snigger at those old folk who can't hear their phones ring. They are lucky to be able to make emergency calls if need be, and right Lesley it only costs $7 a month