Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It had been awhile since I have been thoroughly embarrassed.  I was about due.

In our office break room where we have mini meetings and where our kitchenette is located is a beautiful, white, shiny, clean Dry Erase board hanging on the wall.

Every day it taunts me with its sparkly clean whiteness.
I cannot help but want to draw on it.
Every day I ignore the impulses.

Except yesterday.
Yesterday, as I nuked my veggie soup I decided to draw a big smiley face on the white board.
I walked over, picked up the marker on the dry erase board and drew with a smile on my face, happy to finally give in to my inner child.

And then I realized I had made the ugliest smiley face ever:

I grabbed the eraser and went to wiping away the evidence of my poor art skills.


They apparently now make permanent markers that look just like dry erase markers.

That's right, folks. 
I had drawn the world's ugliest smiley face with a permanent marker on my company's dry erase board.
::hangs head in shame::

I immediately grabbed the Clorox wipes we have and started scrubbing.  That only spread out the permanent ink, but did not, in any way, make it go away.

I tried the special dry erase remover spray we have.

No luck.

I googled how to get permanent marker off of a white board.
Google told me to color over the permanent marker with dry erase marker and let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe it off and all would be right with the world again.  
So I got to work.

I grabbed the eraser went to wipe away, and still, FAIL.
Blue smiley, though a bit more faint, in the middle of the white board.

I repeated this step four times, and in between I used the spray and the beach wipes.

In the end I made vast improvements, but not enough.  I had to tell my boss about my foolish mistake.  It was pretty obvious to anyone who walked into the break room that someone with the art skills of a 7-year-old had drawn on the white board with a permanent marker.

Happy humpday, people.

-Still embarrased Bubbie


  1. Nail polish remover with acetone should remove it the rest of the way. I work with like to draw inappropriate things on boards like those. :)

  2. haha this is not the first time you drew on a whiteboard with permanent marker. remember that time in ms. firsts classroom?