Monday, September 3, 2012


In case you were unaware (of even if you were) my main man and I have been in France for the last 12 days.  We head back stateside tomorrow and while I will miss being on vacation, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, normal flush toilets, eating in restaurants that do not allow smoking and regaining some semblance of a normal life (i.e., grocery shopping, making my own healthy food and running.  And not living out of a suitcase).  

I am also looking for whittling away the lbs that were added to my waist line on this trip.

Turns out eating bread and cheese and meat, crepes, croissants and a bottle of red every day is not so good for fitting in to your skinny jeans.

But before I start a new blog series on a health regiment for after vacation (jk), let me regale you will some tales from a far.


Mr. G and I arrive in Paris 2 weeks ago and fell in love.  It is so old and beautiful.  We immediately collapsed in our first hotel and woke the next day to explore.  

We did the quintessential tourist shit and took a million pictures.

Then we hit up the TGV and took the high speed train to Lyon. 

I think I loved Lyon even more than Paris.  It is everything I imagined it would be.  Old, romantic, delicious, lovely...ah, oui, J'adore Lyon...

Then we TGV'd it back up to Paris for a week.  

We rented a flat (and by flat I mean 1 room that was smaller than any of my dorm rooms, and it had a murphy bed and pink toilet paper) in the Latin Quarter.  Turns out we were a nice 4 block jaunt to Notre Dame.  

Très Magnifique!

We managed to play tourists again (which I am sure would embarrass my sister completely) and we explored all of the famous sights the city had to offer:

Before we came to Paris, I purchased tickets for us to go up the Eiffel Tower on Saturday night.  Our reservations were for 10:30 (yes, PM.  I nearly died).  We were looking forward to seeing the view of Paris at night and fought our fading bodies to stay awake. We killed time to stay awake until 10:30 by going to pick up groceries for the next day, we stuffed them in our backpack and carried on. We forced ourselves to have a loooong dinner in a nice neighborhood.  Even after that it was still only 9:15.  We got cocktails and sat in the park with thousands of others and took in the spectacle that is the eiffel tower at night.

Finally, it was 10:30.  We got into our special VIP line (since I had pre-bought the tickets) and were like giddy school kids (the cocktails in the park did not hurt either).  And we were immediately searched.

Remember how I told you we went grocery shopping earlier to kill time?

Of course, being in Paris, we had purchased some wine.  

As in a wine bottle.

As in, "sorry, you cannot go up the eiffel tower with glass.  And no, we will not hold your backpack for you."

So no, we did not go up the eiffel tower.  Thanks for asking.

And that sums up our trip to France!


Happy anniversary, shnookums, I loved spending the last two weeks with you in ol' Paree.



  1. Love it! I will always gladly play the tourist when I'm travelling. I want to see what that place is famous for! That's totally cool in my book. The photos are wonderful and wahhh on the Eiffel Tower escapade. Happy anniversary!

  2. I can't beleive they kept you from going up the Eiffle Tower! Those French are very strict about their rules (as are we Americans).