Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a week

I had lots of great things to blog about this week.

I was going to talk about how I was running on Sunday and made a stupid move and totally biffed it in front of 10 cars and scraped up my knee real nice.

I was going to talk about adjusting to work after 13 days of vacation.

I was going to tell you the story of how I asked Mr. G to go check on the hot water heater because the water was not getting hot and it had been twenty minutes.  But then it turned out I had the cold water turned on, and not the hot.

I was going to talk about the beautiful new purse I just purchased (she is arriving today!).

I was going to complain about feeling discouraged with my running.  And how I came to the decision not to run Boston in 3 weeks.

I was going to discuss fall, and how the fall weather last week, the start of school, the talk of football, etc, has made me aching a bit for fall, but overall, IT IS STILL SUMMER AND I AM NOT READY TO QUIT SUMMER YET.

I was going to talk about how after five years I am now back in school and how it is adjusting again.

I was going to tell you about how on my first day of school I spilled soup on myself AND salad all over my car so I walked into class (with a limp from my knee) smelling like chicken soup and onions.  And I still had arugula in my hair.  It was a great first impression, I think.

But all of that has fallen to the wayside, as this has been one hell of a busy week.

Maybe next week?  



  1. Back to school for you? Tell me more. Thank you for the chicken soup and onion smelling, lettuce wearing visual. Love it.

  2. how come I have to read your blog to know that you decided against Boston? I talk to you regularly--maybe you can share? Another purse. . . ! Shoes and purses--no wonder your broke!