Monday, September 17, 2012

Running fail part II

I have been feeling a bit discouraged with my running lately.  Out of shape, out of breath, out of motivation.  I made the decision to not run Boston in 3 weeks and I was feeling better already about not having to do long weekend runs.  I normally love running, but when your body says "no" I tend to listen.  So now I have slowed down my roll with running but I am still feeling discouraged.  It just seems more challenging than normal.

Well on Sunday I was fighting all of the usual feelings that were telling me to stay in bed rather than to go for a run.  But I fought against the feelings, got up, and headed out the door.  I decided on a new 5 mile route that I was actually really excited about.  I headed out and the weather was perfect--lovely fall weather, the smell of leaves in the air, blustery, and perfect.  I was actually enjoying my run, waving to the other runners/walkers/bikers, even smiling at the plethora of cars driving by.  

It was just such a great day for a run, and I am feeling fantastic! I told myself as I jogged.  I love seeing all these other like minded people out running and being active with me!

But a grand total of 1 mile in, I started to feel an awful pain right below my...crotch.

Did I just saw crotch on my blog?

Either way, I was wondering why I all of a sudden was getting crotch chaffing one mile into my run.  This is something that generally doesn't bother me, and if it does, it is more like 12 miles into a run, not one mile.

So I looked down.

And almost died right there on the spot of embarrasment.

Because this is what I saw:

I somehow had managed to rip the inseam of my pants from crotch (there I go again with that word) to knee and didn't notice.  I was running for 10 minutes, waving to people, smiling, shouting out "how are you?" and "oh happy day!" (maybe that last line is a lie).

And they all saw me running with insufficient material to cover my lady bits.  And yes, it was really obvious, there was no hiding it.

And yes, it still hurts, thank you for asking.

Love, granny.