Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wild Time at Goodwin Ranch

Friday night.

15 year olds are out with their friends, seeing a movie, doing a sleep over.

20 year olds are out with their friends, partying, bar hopping, doing wild fun stuff.

30 year olds are taking care of their babies and wishing they could still go out and party with their friends.

27 year olds (at least THESE 27 year olds) are...

Going to the gym.
Making dinner.
Watching a movie on the couch.
Giving up on the movie because that is too much of a commitment for a Friday night.
Watching "How I Met Your Mother," instead.
Singing show tunes to each other.
Slapping themselves in the face to stay awake...
only to sing more show tunes.
(Seriously, cannot WAIT for les Miserables in December.)

No, you didn't just hallucinate the lamest Friday night in history.

You just got a glimpse into the life of a Friday night at Goodwin ranch.

If you are really lucky, next time I will give you a sneak peak into our Sundays.

(Hint, Mr. G has not done one single thing other than watch TV and play video games today.  THRILLING.)


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