Monday, December 27, 2010


2010 is about to end.  In 5 short days we will ring in 2011.  With the new year comes hope, promise, possibility.  Resolutions are made (and usually broken).  There is a possibility that the negative things in your life will improve, that things will look up, that this will be your best year ever.

I always start the new year with hope and excitement.  This will be there year I will lose the weight.  This will be the year I will get recognized at work.  I will get a raise, go on vacation, enjoy every moment I have with my loved ones.

Not to say that 2010 was a bad year.  It wasn't, but it was hard.  There were quite a few difficulties to overcome.  But now is not the time to remember the frustrating complications of the past year.  Now is the time to reflect upon the positive moments of 2010.

-A cross country trip
-A visit to Texas
-Eating Crawdads and oysters in NOLA (and liking it!)
-New Jobs
-My goddaughter
-A new home
-New babies (kangaroo)
-Internet friends
-New York
-Saying goodbye to a family legend
-Getting hitched
-A new last name
-A tropical vacation
-Scuba Diving
-Green license plates
-Plenty of weddings
-Even more engagements
-A fireplace
-New Baby Mac
-P dub
-Hobo, Olio, Buddie, and Princess
-Being within driving distance of about 70% of our friends again
-Pancetta and Leeks

Here is to a healthy, happy, safe, exciting, joyous, memorable, touching, EPIC 2011!

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