Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet sweet Fantasy, Baby

Sometimes around the holidays, it can be a little depressing.  You don't have all the cash you want/need to buy the gifts, do the baking, travel, etc.  It can make it hard, especially when you hear how well other people are doing.

If you are one of those "other people" who is doing well and getting big bonuses and buying a house and has no debt and can go clothes shopping whenever you want, then this blog is not for you.

Anyway, if you are like me, and the majority of my friends, then, like I said, you might be a little depressed this time of the year.  Well, Mr. G and I have a game (stolen from our dear friends Uncs and Brows) that we play to make us feel better.  It is called "Fantasy Shauni and Mr. G."  Here is how you play:

Fantasy Shauni has the body of Gisele Bundchen.  Let's just get that right out of the way.

Ok, but really, Fantasy Shauni and Mr. G have a beautiful home in the mountains with a wrap around porch, a huge sunny deck, 4 acres of private property, 3-4 bedrooms, a sunny BIG kitchen, and all hard wood floors.  Fantasy Shauni drives an Audi or a Subaru, Fantasy Mr. G drives a big Ford Truck AND has a motorcycle.  (In Fantasy world, Mr. G also has his motorcycle license.)

Fantasy Shauni and Mr. G have a little boat for the lake.  Nothing big, just a nice, clean, 35 footer. And 3 kayaks (one for each of us and one for our perfect Fantasy Child).  We live close enough to the lake that in the summer we can go on weekends.

Fantasy Shauni and Mr. G also have a second home.  In the tropics somewhere.  We go once a year.  And even though we live on a mountain (in VT.  Where it snows.  Even in fantasy land...) we also take another yearly vacation out west to go skiing.  Plus a weekend away just the two of us every now and then.

Fantasy Shauni does not have allergies to everything under the sun, and so Fantasy Shauni and Mr. G also have a golden retriever.

Fantasy Shauni doesn't have to work full time.

Fantasy Mr. G loves his job.  He comes home happy after work every day, and often brings flowers for Fantasy Shauni (ok, that last part may not be Fantasy Mr. G's idea, it might be mine...)

Fantasy Shauni and Mr. G live happily ever after with their Fantasy Child and Golden Retriever, Ollie.

The end.

And on another note, since my dear friend Uncs taught me this game, I would like to do a special birthday shout out to her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear uncle.  Hope you have a wonderful glorious day!

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  1. Love the game, we play it too. Only it's often in the form of me whining in sweatpants. Maybe one day fantasy worlds will collide and we will be supermodel best friends IRL. Wouldn't that be lovely?

    Ollie, cute name.