Monday, March 14, 2011

Of course

It's the final countdown, folks.  T minus 5 days until I run the 5K.  And I am in good shape for it.  I have been running and can comfortably (barely) run the required 5K PLUS some.  I have been looking forward to Saturday to prove to myself (and the world) that I can do this.  And I hope that this little road race propels me into the world of running.  Like I said, I really want to like running.  Either way, I have been pretty excited about this.

Until I checked the weather this morning.

From Tuesday until Friday of this week, it is supposed to be Sunny and near 50, if not warmer.  Sure, there is one day in the forecast with a little rain, but thats ok.  50 and sunny on Friday.  Perfect for my first 5k.

Oh wait.  What's that?  35 and snowing on Saturday?

Of course it is.

Fuck my life,

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