Saturday, March 5, 2011

why don't you go kill an elk while you're at it

Mr. G was recently reminded of the South Park episode about Priuses that reduced the amount of SMOG but created an equal amount of SMUG from the drivers who drove a Prius. 

Being the die hard liberal that I am, I was inclined to argue with my redneck, truck driving husband and show him the (better) way of the Prius.  Our debate lasted a lovely 45 minutes (of which I won, but don't tell Mr. G).  This is how our debate ended:

Granny: Shut up, you redneck, truck driving, Sarah Palin-Lovin' jerk!  I am going to just buy you a Prius next week for you birthday so you can start saving the planet, you asshole!

Mr. G: I will just run it over with my truck.

Fuck my liberal life.

Lots of planet-saving love,
Earth (grand)mama

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