Friday, March 4, 2011


The number one thing I miss about good old Truckee Town (aside from the sky high gas prices, the long lines at  Safeway, and the punk ass dirty snowboarders) is that liquor is sold everywhere.  If the lines looked too long at Safeway, I could pop right into CVS instead, grab a bottle of Goose (yeah right.  This was Truckee, back when I had negative amounts in my bank account at all times.  Svedka it was back then.) and the club soda all at the same time.  I could even throw in a Hallmark card and some deodorant and call it a day.

Not anymore.  Now that I am in the land of state controlled liquor outlets, I need to make a special stop to get the Goose at one store, and then run next door to the fancy Co-op to get the soda water and the limes.

It harshes my Friday afternoon mellow.

But not too much.  It is after all, a liquor outlet.  The Goose is the same price as the CA Svedka.

Happy Friday,

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  1. I just read this I feel the need to comment...I have 3 places to go: liquor store, beer distributor, super market. :(