Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Today, as many of you may know, is Mr. G's birthday.  He is now 26, along with his cougar of a wife.  So today, in his honor, I will reflect on his many positive attributes and share them all with you.

Mr. G says the funniest things (please refer to previous blog entry).  

Mr. G looks dead sexy with his new haircut.  It should be noted that he does not look 26, but in fact looks 16, but still, super sexy none the less.

Mr. G can rock neon green ski pants and flannel like nobody else I know.

Mr. G can also rock the "I only shower once a week" look like a God.  Please note, darling husband, your cougar wife things you need to take a shower.  As good as you look all dirty and rugged, you do not smell so good.

Mr. G rarely wears matching socks, unless he is going skiing.

He can jam out like the nerdy white hippie he is to and bluegrass/Dead/hippie music.  And he does so with only embarrassing his wife 5% of the time.

He eats only junk and yet keeps his slim, sleek figure very well.  If any scientist/nutritionist want to figure out where all of that junk food is going, please email me.  We can arrange something.

He has an uncanny knowledge of old classic rock/country music.  

Yet he is a horrible singer.  (Sorry honey.  I love you, but don't quit your day job.)

Mr. G is the perfect combination of funny, sweet, smart, hard-working, dedicated, romantic, goofy, and just about any other positive descriptive word you can think of.  I love you, Mr. G.  And happy birthday.

But I am not the only fool on the planet who loves you.  No, I have been bombarded (except for your stoner friends who were too lazy to help a sister out) with nice things that people had to say about you.  Here are a select few that are blog appropriate.

Mr. Jonathan Herre says "I was there!  I was there, it was called 'the 80s...." (He also said you would know what that meant...)

"G-spot lifts his leg whenever he sings. it tugs at my heartstrings every time." Direct quote from none other than your dear friend Shawnna (and co-signed by Lauren).

A totally crazy, unknown person (I must denounce a connection to her due to what you are about to read) says "To the ass kicking foosball champion of Lake Tahoe (granted he was playing a 4 and 7 year old) but a champion nonetheless. I have one Birthday quote for you and being a married mom of two boys this is as dirty as I can get on a public forum.....

Work like you don't need the money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
Dance like no-one is watching,
Fuck like your being filmed,
And drink like a true Country Hick!!!"

Ok, that was my cousin Nicole.

Alison, of the famed Levittown, Pa, says "On Mr. G's birthday I'm going to buy a Miller High Life 40oz...and tip it for him. :) Even though I just met the Magical Mr. G I am amazed at the lack of food he eats, the amount of alcohol he can drink, his fabulous skiing skills. He loves the crap out of my good friend Shaun John and he is super awesome! Happy Birthday Buddy!! :) "

Here is a quote from our dear friend Uncs out in the Sunny San Francisco Bay: "Great. Guy:
Genuine. Gangster.hates Gapers. likes Garlic chips.has Gas. Good Genes. Genius. hates George bush. wife makes him watch Glee. Gifted skier.built like a Gladiator.likes plaid Glasses. always a Good time.likes Grape jelly. married to a Granny. GNARLY! Happy B Day G-Diddy."

"Here's to Mr kindergarten crush. Gerren is my favorite and most hypocritical food eater of all times - his picky butt chooses confetti cake, cereal and brownies for dinner yet teases me nonstop for my war with potatoes! Wishing him a deliciously healthy birthday dinner filled with lots and lots of green veggies that scare him ;)" Again, direct quote from Ms. Allison Cutting, all the way from Asia.

Stephen wants you to know "you are a great friend for helping my naked ass off the toilet for the summer bash in high school!  There it is-- Funny at the expense of my dignity!  The future Governor of Texas just said thank you for putting my naked, drunk ass to bed!  Love you Bro!  Always will!"

"Mr. G is the sweetest, skinniest, best ski teacher and man ever. today i raise a PBR in honor of his skinny ass" Curtesy of Lia Dangelico, esquire

Of course, my dear, sweet cousin Kimmi only had nice things to say, and we will end on her message to Mr. G: "Tell Mr. G, I love having him in the family and wish him a great year ahead (and a job that brings him back out to Tahoe so I can have you both back here! :-) Corbin loves him too!" 

So, my darling, 26 year old hubby, here is to you, on your birthday.  Though we have 1 friend in the entire upper valley (Katie Rae), you have friends all over the globe that love you and wish you a happy, fantastic birthday.  Looking forward to BK Lounge in your honor tonight.


  1. YAY Mr. G! I will eat only fried junk food in your honor all day!

  2. Aww, great post! Happy Birthday Mr G!

  3. I love you guys and ESPECIALLY YOU MR. G on your birthday!! Hope you have a great Bday! Hope you kids have "happy-married fun" for your big evening!(PS: make sure the antacid poppin' granny is asleep by 9PM!) love you guys!