Monday, February 28, 2011


I am in a bit of a pickle.

The name of my blog is "Tales of a 25 year old (antacid poppin') granny."  It is an appropriate title and I quite like it.  But when I created this blog, and spent hours thinking about what to call it, I did not think about the anniversaries of my birth.

Hence the pickle I am now in; I am no longer 25.

Do I change the name of the blog every year on February 27th?  Meaning that for the remainder of my life, my blog will constantly be changing until it is eventually titled "Tales of a 73 year old (antacid poppin') granny?"  This will lose any small shred of humor/irony/sarcasm there is in the title, as I will very likely ACTUALLY be a grandmother (who obviously has heartburn).  And this is also assuming that I will have a successful blog at the age of 73.  And that I am still alive.

Or do I leave the name of the blog the same and assume that my 12 loyal readers will know that I am no longer 25 and that the blog was created when I was in fact a quarter cench?  What about any random newcomers (who clearly land on my website accidentally)?  Will they think I am 25 years old 13 years from now when I still have a successful blog?  Or will they somehow find out that I am in fact no longer 25 and I am instead 38?  Am I thinking way too much about this?

I think I will have a sandwich with a side of Tums and think it over.  Maybe I will come to a decision by the time February 27th rolls around again next year.


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