Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pina Coladas

Mr. G and I have just planned our yearly vacation.  It is not elaborate like an African safari or luxurious like a spa week in a bungalow in Tahiti.  But it is a week long vacation and we are thrilled.

We will be hitting up good old fashioned Key West, Florida for a week.  We have rented a house that is one mile from the beach, 2 miles from downtown.  We will have bikes and a rental car and taxi's at our disposal so we can easily get carted to and from the hot beach, the busy bars, and the delicious restaurants.

I have only been to Key West once.  With my parents.  During Spring Break.  When I was 22.  Not ok.  I will be redeeming myself on this trip.  There will be 12 hours a day of beaches, booze, and bbqing.  I am going to be living the life of Magda from "Something about Mary."  Get jealous.

And here is the best part: some dear friends will be joining us and sharing the house with us!  And since making this decision to go on this fabulous vacation, said friends and I cannot stop planning our trip.  We already know what bars we will be going to every day at 4pm.  We know what time we will be waking up and heading to the beach.  We know what groceries we need to get and when.  We have already planned to go on a private sunset dinner cruise.  And we know what 4 items will be eaten the most while there.  We have already decided to create a bar by our pool, who will have what bedrooms, and what times we are doing what.  Flights are picked out and everything.

This vacation is so planned, prepped, and prepared.  We all so happy.

Too bad we need to wait until September 1st to leave.

Patiently waiting,

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  1. I hope you have an amazing trip!!! I am heading for Jamaica in May, Ill pack you in my suitcase if you pack me in yours ;)