Monday, February 7, 2011


Sometimes I am a little mean to Mr. G.  But usually it is only when he deserves it.  Like when he has one too many beers and is inebriated.  Such as last night for example...

Last night Mr. G and I went to a Superbowl Party.  Translation: Mr. G had too many beers.  He was pretty tipsy and incoherent.  It would have been funny if we were not trying to rush home at 10:30 pm so I could get a reasonable amount of sleep before heading into work today.  But we were.  And it took Mr. G 20 minutes to put on his shoes.  So I had to be a little bit of a meanie to get back at him for making me late for my date with my pillow.

While at the party, my cellphone died.  I only have a car charger for my cell phone (I suck, I know,) so I charged my cell on the way home from the party so I could have enough juice in my battery to use the cell phone as my alarm clock in the morning.  But the drive between the Superbowl party and our house is not long, and so my cellphone only got 1 line of battery life.  Mr. G said "I will set my alarm on my cell phone for you to use as a back up alarm tomorrow in case your phone dies in the night."  Very romantic.  If it was not said with a slur.  But it was.  (And it was still a little romantic.)

Mr. G stumbled into bed holding his cell phone.  "Ok, please set your alarm for 7:00 am in case my phone dies tonight.  Thanks!" I said, as I walked into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Cut to: me coming out of the bathroom to Mr. G sound asleep, snoring, with the cellphone in his hand.  I pulled it out and checked the alarm; not set for 7 am.   Shocking, I know.  So I set the alarm for 7 am and almost headed to bed.

And  here is where the meanie in me comes out: I decided to "test play" the alarm and hold it next to Mr. G's ear and freak him out, making him think that it is morning already and he had to be at work.

I chose a great tune--"Funk Funk" which plays a rather loud and annoying disco-funk song.  I was fully prepared to see Mr. G shoot up-right all confused and I was already laughing in my mind.  I held the phone right next to his ear.  I pressed "play" and...

Mr. G started dancing along to the

I kid you not, he started be-bopping along to the Funk Funk.  His shoulders moved, his head moved, his hands did this little dancing move...I have never been happier to have pulled a prank in my entire life.

I love you, Mr. G, and I love you, 7 PBRs that made Mr. G dance in his sleep to the Funk Funk.

'til next time,
Mean 'ole Granny

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  1. THIS WAS HYSTERICAL!!! Shauni, OMG - I seriously was laughing so hard. I can just picture it. So funny! Thank you for that laugh! :)