Thursday, February 24, 2011

What have I done?

I've made a huge mistake.

I've gone and signed up for a 5K.

It's in less than a month.

And I'm NOT a runner.

And I am not one of those people who says they are not a runner but they actually are.  I can run about a mile and a half outside before I want to die.  And I run that mile and a half in about 13 or 14 minutes.  I really do not run.

I have been "training" at the gym this week to prepare myself for this major life event and lord have mercy am I sore.  I realize most individuals who sign up for 5K's do not train--it is only 3.2 miles after all.  This is the first sign that I am not a runner--I need to TRAIN every DAY for a MONTH until this race occurs, otherwise I would have to walk the entire thing.

Sign number two that I am not a runner: after running said mile and a half and then walking another 1/2 mile and then running one last final half mile (total: 2.5 miles, FYI) yesterday and Tuesday, I legitimately am scared to get on the treadmill today.  2.5 miles is nothing.  People walk and run that shit in their sleep.  And here I am limping around today like a newborn baby horse, all goofy looking.

I want to be a runner, I really do.  I want to like running so much that even in the dead of winter I will just say "oh, a 3 mile jog in the blizzard sounds just lovely today, thank you!"  Instead, I hate it.  I really do.

Achy Break-y Grams

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  1. Yikes! I mean good for you! I always envied people that run too, but can't seem to do it. Congrats and happy running- Love your blog!!!